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will external dedicated audiocard help lowering a latency

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by artur, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. artur

    artur New Member

    will external dedicated audiocard help lowering a latency when playing virtual instruments in Logic/VEPRO live?

    My internal 8 core Mac Pro audiocard has too high latency at 1024 buffer which I can not go below otherwise I get clicks/pops ?

    in what way would this external audiocard help? via enabling me to lower buffer to 512 without getting cracks/pops or in what way?

  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    First, you don't mention a current card. Second, what is the current speed of your computer, the OS, and ram amount? All these things come into play when dealing with latency.

    As for VEPro, what are you doing with this (sample libraries, size of libraries, cpu meter in VEPro, cores used in the prefs). Again, all these things will affect how VEpro works on any system.

    Most people use a second computer to run VEPro, usually Windows 7 Pro, and usually with 24 GB ram or more, unless you are not really giving it that much to do.
  4. daveyboy

    daveyboy Senior member

    I would think so. I feel like I can have a very high buffer (512 or higher) and as long as the low latency button is pushed in, have crazy low latency (using apogee symphony). But, this is with running everything inside Logic. George is the resident guru when it comes to big set ups so defer to him:)

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  5. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Hello???? anybody there? Atrur, did you still want to resolve this or ???
  6. artur

    artur New Member

    Yes, i still need to resolve this. Im looking at adding Ram first before looking at adding a dedicated soundcard or even a slave pc
  7. Atlas

    Atlas Senior member

    Investing in a dedicated soundcard is a good choice to ease the workload from the CPU, hence improving the latency, although not being the only factor to infuence it.
    There are a large choice of soundcards out there, depending of your budget, you should opt for the maximum quality you could afford, considering the lifespan and portability of the soundcard. Higher ends ones are usually a better warranty in that regard and long time support. Therefore, your card could be use in your studio today and in years from now. Consequently, this would yield also to a better resale value...
    Pro-level soundcards usually include software/hardware applications such as DSP and mixer/recording, again taking some of the processing load from the Mac, as it is done in the soundcard box.
    I strongly recommend Metric Halo products. Their products are no cheap but you are in a class apart when you are equipped with a MH box.
    :thmbup:I personnally use an ULN-8 and I am more than satisfied by its quality, its performance, its versatility, the personnalized support from the company and the users.
    I am however convinced that others will eventually speak for their box of choice...:)

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