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Logic 7 & earlier XSkey authorization questions

Discussion in 'Logic 7 and older Versions' started by Neptune Wave, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. Neptune Wave

    Neptune Wave New Member

    Hi there

    I bought Roland Studio Package Pro.
    It is second-hand stuff, but I bought it in a desent music-store.

    It contains:
    The official Logic RPC Pro (v5.3.0) software (+barcodenumber sticked on the cover),
    XSKey (+the same barcodenumber sticked on the usbkey itself),
    RPC-1 audiocard/interface,
    Roland cd-r with drivers (v1.1) for RPC-1.

    I installed it on my Mac PPC/G3 B&W / MacOS 9.2.2.

    I never worked with an XSkey. And I can't find proper information about it.
    The Logic and Roland manuals I read, did not explain much about it.

    The XSkey authorization panel tells me it is Windows authorized.
    I suppose the first owner has authorized it for Windows.
    The MacOS platform Support is in 'Demo-mode' (time limited).
    And this 'Demo-mode' is not what I want. I want it authorized with no time limit.

    Q 1.
    How to get the software/key authorized for my Mac?

    Q 2.
    What does the Logic RPC Pro "activate Demo…" field mean?
    It sounds to me as nonsense. Who wants his software in Demo-mode?
    Does it harm if I click it by accident? Can I go back to 'Normal-mode'?

    Q 3.
    Where/how to get the acces codes to authorize the softsynths?

    Q 4.
    Is there an XSkey-pdf-manual where everything about the XSkey is explained?
    (I read some disturbing things, about what can go wrong with this XSkey / authorization problems).

    I hope you can help me.
  3. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    Well, Since Emagic is no longer a company, and the XSkey stopped being supported in any way a few years ago now, I suggest that your questions are irrelevent.

    The XKey was used by Emagic (and for a short time Apple) as a copy protection device. It hasn't been used or supported for some time now. You can no longer get it authorized and the soft synths now simply come as part of Logic.

    You can currently purchase Logic Pro for $199 at the App Stope (no boxed versions any more).

  4. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Perhaps not such a decent store if they sold something as obsolete as this, without making it clear to you that it will not be suitable for your Mac.
  5. michaelo

    michaelo LUG Emeritus

    I would go back to that decent music store and see how decent they really are...
  6. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    Welcome to the forum, Neptune Wave!

    Please do not take offense to my comments, but what you have is obsolete.

    I would take the whole setup to an Antiques Road Show, you may have a rare collectable.

    You have a version of Logic which is most likely specific to the Roland interface, which more than likely has had no driver updates. At the time of your product's release, the "Pro" version of Logic that supported Digidesign's (now Avid's) Pro Tools HD TDM cards retailed for $999, without the soft-synths (and without the TDM add-on [!]). The soft-synths are now included for $199, but you must have a Apple with an Intel CPU and be running a current version of OSX.

    FYI, version 8 of Logic Pro was an absolute dog on a dual 875GHz G4 CPU, so your G3 is suitable for a boat anchor, not for a DAW.

    The XSkeys sometimes were shipped with "demos" of the the softsynths. Once activated, you have about 30 days or so before they will expire. The soft-synths (without Logic itself) used to retail for several hundred dollars. Your "decent" dealer would probably sell you the authorizations, if he had any. The problem is, there is no longer any way to activate them, because Emagic is kaput. If you want to use Logic, say hello to 2012.

    Or take your box of stuff to the Antique Road Show when it swings by your town...
  7. Neptune Wave

    Neptune Wave New Member

    Thanks for responding.

    Some thoughts (without any offense at all):

    I believe the music-store is decent. They were not aware of the fact that it had to be licensed for a particular platform. To get the autorization-job done, selling the XSkey and barcodenumber was the only thing they had to do, they thought. This was my thought too.

    There is nothing wrong with obsolated and second-hand products. If it works and suite your needs.

    What's wrong is a lack of support. In this case, I need a license for my Mac to use the Logic software and Apple doesn't sell it.
    They assimilate Emagic so they assimilate all the products Emagic have made. Not only Emagic's knowledge. In my opinion Apple is responsible. And it is not nice to all those people (including me) who are using and selling/buying those obsolate/second-hand products to give no support at all.

    It's like buying a ten years old car and, oh deer, the key is missing. Please, sell me the key so I can start-up the engine and the answer is: "Nope, buy our latest model. Keys included". Very odd. Very odd indeed.
    If the car industry should operate on this marketinglevel? Oops!

    Newer products are not always better products. Most changes made are cosmetic.
    You can make the finest recordings and what so ever with audiosoftware/hardware about ten years ago. What many people need is knowledge about soundengineering and acoustics. Not new equipment.
    By the way, I like new equipment but I don't have the money for it.

    So, what are my options.
    Ask my money back/return the Package?
    And look-out for other obsolated/second-hand gear that will do the job? If there is any?
    Buying new gear which is to expensive for me? That can do the job too?
    Complain at Apple?
    Re-install every month Logic and work in Demo-mode?

    For now, I am a bit disappointed.
    I only need a correct license. And I want to pay for it.
    Oh Apple, sell me a license.
  8. Pete Thomas

    Pete Thomas Administrator Staff Member

    Apple could probably have continued supporting old Emagic products, but the costs involved would have meant not being able to offer new product at such an amazingly good price (see the cost of Logic 9.1.6)

    Not in this case. By all means come back with that argument once you've tried and tested Logic 9.1.6

    Yes you can, provided what you are doing does not require the advances that have been made in Logic over the last 10 years. And it isn't just advances in audio quality (96/24 etc. which is arguable) and music making resources available (which is not arguable: Apple Loops and Software Instruments etc.) but you also need to look at the improvements in the interface and workflow. Doing the same job quicker leaves you in a better mood and with more time to be creative.

    Then there are the stunning technological advances to creativity such as elastic audio.

    As for complaining to Apple, I think you know what the answer will be.

    BTW, how much did you pay for this?

    I would take it back and look on ebay for a legit copy of Logic that will run authorised on your equipment. It should be very cheap. Some folks here will remember better than I what that is, I imagine it's Logic 5.5 or 6 but I didn't get into Logic until G3s had become obsolete so I'm not really sure.

    Having said that you may run into the same problem, there were a lot of Windows logic versions flooding the market when Apple took over Emagic, there may not be too many early mac versions around.
  9. JuanTahnahmahrah

    JuanTahnahmahrah Senior member

    You have not said what you paid for your copy, but if the dealer is honest, I would just return it and start over.

    Re-installing the demo every month will not be an option, the demo timer is reset inside the XSkey: once the XSkey expires it cannot be reactivated.

    As far as cars go, I think manufacturers only have to support their products for a finite period. There are used parts depots that maintain inventories for collectables.

    As far as older is as good as new, you should re-think Logic's current release, and maybe consider running Logic 8 on a G5. I first bought Logic Gold at 4.8, and later paid $300 for a used copy of Logic Platinum (the "Pro" equivalent) 5.1 for PC. At that time, and for a short while after Apple purchased Emagic, there was a free download to 5.51. Logic 5.51 was the last version to operate on a PC. I attended promotional seminars for Logic 7, and the interface was still very similar to 5.51, but it only ran on a Mac. When Logic 8 came out, the user interface was much more elegant, and most of the earlier setup that previously required a thorough understanding of Logic's "environment" now operated in the background. It also had many preconfigured templates, that were a huge time-saver. So I finally splurged and bought a used dual 2.3 G5. When Logic 9 came out, the initial "A" release would install on a G5, so a picked up a used quad 2.5 G5. As 9 involved, I bought a used Nehalem Mac Pro, for about half retail.

    There are forum members who have already replied to your initial post that will tell you Logic 8 was buggy. But Logic 5.51 required a much steeper learning curve, lacked all the free loops and virtual instruments, and no longer has any driver support for what would have been the interfaces popular at the time of its release.

    As to affordability: with used dual CPU G5s selling for $200 to $300, I can't go along with you. Maybe you cannot afford $199 for Logic 9, but a used copy of Logic 8 will soon be available for less than half that.

    And Apple has continued to support Emagic's MIDI interfaces, such as the Unitor8 MkII, AM8 family. The most recent driver is January 2011. The hardware driver for Emagic's 6|2m family also shipped with Logic 8.
  10. georgelegeriii

    georgelegeriii Senior member

    There was aversion of logic called "Silver" that was very cheap and if I remember correctly, was a CD authorization. I'd try and find that, it will work with all the items you mention.

    If you can find that, you should be able to get this system working.

    George Leger III
  11. Neptune Wave

    Neptune Wave New Member

    I have got Logic Platinum v4.6. (No XSkey needed).
    Maybe the Roland SI-24 controller will work with this too.
    I'll try this first.

    Thanks for the E-bay option.

    Before I read the latest replies this day, I tried to re-install. This doesn't work.
    Thanks for mentioning.

    I paid 499 euro's.
    The Roland SI-24 controller, Roland RPC-1 pci-audiocard/interface, Logic RPC (v5.3) software/key, cable.
    I do not know how much this is in dollars. Or pounds.
    It's not the software that makes the price. It's the controller and audiocard.

    I think the music-store will take it back if I ask for it. But I do not want to return it in the first place because it suite my needs. It works well for what I want to do with it.
    - Joy-stick live-controlling surround-panning,
    - (Surround)sound monitoring on different levels,
    - Mixing recorded sounds & music and microphone-signals, live. (The controller has 8 line/mic inputs too).

    To create my sounds I use hard- and software synthesizers/samplers.
    To record and mixdown, I use Protools 5.0.1. And sometimes Logic Platinum.

    We can discuss all the ins and outs about product improvements and marketing strategies but this is not my topic.
    As I said before, I like up to date products, improvements and what so ever. But there are lots of people worldwide, including me, who work with obsolete products because they do not have the money to upgrade there hard- and software, everytime a company releases a new product. I think they are responsible for all those products they have released. And support/service makes people happy. They can buy a new key for a second-hand car. Wow. And what are the costs for a company like Apple? I suppose a fraction on their whole budget.

    Many thanks for your replies.
    I feel a little bit less disapointed now.
  12. mmm42

    mmm42 Senior member

    The company EES who produced the XSKey (and the Unitor/AMT/MT4 MIDI interfaces) for Emagic (and later Apple) is out of business since 2008. I would therefore assume Apple can't even order any new XSKeys for replacement.

    Any again - why should they bother after all these years? The replacement cost for an out-of-warranty replacement was somewhere between $50-$100, the new version of Logic Pro without any need for a dongle is $199...

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