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Logic 9 Yamaha TX81Z Single Mode Editor Logic Environment

Discussion in 'Logic 9' started by hungerfeld, Feb 8, 2012.

  1. hungerfeld

    hungerfeld New Member

    Hello People,

    I made this Logic Environment as an Editor for the Yamaha TX81Z.
    I'm a total amateur developer so I take no responsibility for the use of the editor. It works fine for me and opens up whole new way of creating or varying sounds with this great machine. Don't expect any real time FM-tweaking though: The 81Z seems to be a real sysex sissy. If you turn knobs while the sequencer runs you will sadly experience note delays.

    Due to my midi set up, the 81Z must probably be set to Basic Receive Channel 11. Don't know if there is an easy way to change that. Oh, and if you're wondering: There doesn't seem to be a sysex message for changing the waveform of the operators.

    Please tell me what you think about it.
    If you have problems or tips how to make it better I'm very interested.
    Or if you develop it further please send me a link.


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  3. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Hey thanks for sharing this. :thmbup:

    A proper investigation will occur over this weekend.

    I have some 3rd party sounds (originally available on a floppy but now recorded as sys ex data into Logic) that coax amazing sci fi sounds out of the Tx81Z which is currently hooked up. :D
  4. hungerfeld

    hungerfeld New Member

    Great! Am much interested.

    Actually I'm already working on a new version of the Editor.
    Found out I missed out a page and there are some more sysex controllable parameters including the waveform. Will upload it as soon as it's properly checked for functionality.

    Do you have experience with Environment Editors? Maybe you have suggestions how to improve the thing.

  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    I'm an Environment lightweight.

    There are many Environment pros here. Hopefully one of them will step forward to answer your questions.
  6. hungerfeld

    hungerfeld New Member

    Hope so.
    Oh and don't forget to send me the sci-fi sounds :)
  7. hungerfeld

    hungerfeld New Member

    Yamaha TX81Z Editor v1.1 Logic Environment

    Here is the promised revision of the TX81Z Editor with increased functionality and a little design update.

    Please comment with questions and suggestions.
    Still: Use on your own risk...


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  8. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    Thank you for posting the update. Comments will be provided. I just haven't been able to get to it as planned.


  9. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    First of all, while I like synth sounds I'm not a tweaker or sound designer.

    Initially, moving any on-screen knob in the Tx81Z Editor Environment, turned all knobs at the same time to the same value.

    I changed Algorithms in the pop up or maybe something else, which allowed me to turn knobs individually with that specific parameter appearing in the Tx81Z LCD. At that point, I could dial in all sorts of cool sounds with the LCD updating to the the specific onscreen knob being adjusted.

    Then a MIDI Buffer overrun occurred. After it was cleared it was back to all knobs turning together, then later individually again but without the LCD updating.

    You certainly did a lot of work here and the editor does have potential for designing sounds much more efficiently than poking buttons on the hardware module while peering into the LCD.
  10. hungerfeld

    hungerfeld New Member

    Hi and thanks for the reply.

    I believe the "all knobs turning at the same time" incident occurs because all the knobs were selected when you turned them. Please check that.

    As I wrote above, the TX81Z is a real Sysex-Sissy as its buffer quickly overruns when there is too much information to process at the same time. That is why you can't really real-time tweak the device. It also happened to me that when I turned all the knobs at the same time or used the "send all values" command that the Midi Buffer Overrun error occurred.

    So please try it again and make sure only the knob you wanna turn is actually selected and then get back to me with feedback.
  11. danieloux

    danieloux New Member

    Hungerfield, i want to thank you for your tx editor , i just installed and used it , it works perfectly in my setup , great work thanks for sharing ! :)

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