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YouRock Guitar and Logic Pro

Discussion in 'Studio Techniques' started by jbsbunyi, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. jbsbunyi

    jbsbunyi New Member

    Hey guys, I'm using the YouRock Guitar with Logic Pro right now and it's working like a charm. has anyone else tried it? lemme know or check it out. it honestly is one of the best if not the best midi guitar controller i've tried.
  3. Orren Merton

    Orren Merton Logic Samurai / Administrator Staff Member

    I'm interested (I've got piezo hex pickups on all my guitars for MIDI conversion) but I'm also left-handed. I think their FAQ (it was a while ago) said they'd be releasing a software switch this month so it could be used left-handed (even though the hardware would still be right handed).

    Do you know if this has been released?

  4. jbsbunyi

    jbsbunyi New Member

    hey orren sorry for the long wait for the response. from my understanding the software is still under dev. they're currently working kinks out from what i know. but i'll keep you posted on it. i'm a lefty too haha so i've kinda been sacrificing my playing style and trying it right handed. in the meantime keep checking out the official site and the forum site.
  5. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member

    The price is very attractive but it has to have a reasonable degree of responsiveness to make it count.

    The piezo-equipped Godin and Brian Moore guitars I have are very responsive to my playing when using either an Axon or Roland converter.

    Hopefully users of the YR Guitar will post results here.

    Inquiring minds (with G.A.S) need to know! ;)
  6. Peter Ostry

    Peter Ostry Administrator Staff Member

    Oops, no. Not a valid comparison.

    The YouRock Guitar is a game controller. If you want, the logical development after the Yamaha EZ-AG which was thought as a toy to learn music. The YouRock Guitar leans more towards gaming and tries to be more of a guitar. So far I can see it has a similar string controller as the older Yamaha device, a big difference is the electronic fretboard instead of the fret/string buttons.

    Below is the EZ-AG from Yamaha, I don't know when it was released, maybe 8 years ago, approximately:
    The device features a string controller (and not the first one of its breed), buttons on each fret/string position, audio out and MIDI in/out and sells for about $200.

    It's only serious application is to use it as a MIDI controller. It provides 72 buttons, the string controller may give you more control, it is not very good but can add velocity information.

    And if you prefer another shape, there is/was the EZ-EG, it appeared 2003:
    So much to the "innovative" YouRock Guitar ...

    I do not know if the touch sensitive fretboard of the YouRock guitar is much better than the buttons of the Yamaha EZ series but I can imagine that it gives a more guitar-like feeling. The buttons of the EZ guitars do not allow bending and only limited hammer-on and pull-off. No slides unless you call the click-click-click over buttons a slide.

    None of those are musical instruments, they cannot replace a Piezo-Godin or a Roland magnetic pickup with well-known converters like Axon, Roland or the still very good Yamaha G-50.

    Btw, Yamaha has also a MIDI trumpet, the EZ-TP:
    Maybe we will see another clone, when Louis Amstrong enters the video games? :tongue:
  7. CSeye

    CSeye Senior member


    That was an interesting chronology.



    But seriously, my interest in something like YR Guitar is as a cheap MIDI controller that I could throw in the car without a care to use with a MacBook for quickly sequencing brilliant ideas. Ha!

    The Godin and Brian Moore are strictly high-maintenance indoor studio cats. Much like the real ones that are in charge around here. ;)
  8. jbsbunyi

    jbsbunyi New Member

    haha yeah i use the yrg wherever i go now. at the airport, i literally just plug in a pair of headphones and doodle around. as for midi controlling, i experience virtually no latency. i've used it with so many other programs too like fl studio, garageband, kore 2 player.. and it feels as close to a real guitar as you can get w/o buying the real thing and all the expensive add-ons you have to buy for it in order to make it do wat the yrg does. very useful for on-the-go musicians or producers.

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