New Forum Features

New features since the version 2 upgrade

To start a thread

You can now create a thread from the Main Forums or New Posts Page

  • Click on the Post Thread button (top right) and choose the appropriate forum for your topic. (NB: you can still start a thread as before - from within a forum or subforum)
  • Type in a title and your post contents, then click the Post Thread button under the post

Images and Videos in Posts

Images should now be embedded or linked via the image icon above the text editor

  • Click on the image icon image above the text field when posting a message and upload from your computer or enter the URL of the image (the URL of the actual image, not the web page that the image is on).
  • Alternatively copy and paste (CTRL+C CTRL+V) an image from your computer into the text editor
  • Alternatively simply drag and drop an image from your computer to the text editor.

See Video:

New Posts & Notifications

This is a bit different to the previous forum software and is based on a system of filters, which allows it to be more versatile, but just as simple as the previous version. The New Posts link in the navigation bar under Forums shows all recent threads with posts you have or haven’t read depending on the filter settings. The default setting is to show unread posts only.


To quickly remove the filter, click to dismiss it - this then shows all recent posts ( exactly the same is with the previous Recent Posts. Alternately clicking New Posts and the unread filter is the same is clicking between New Posts and Recent Posts previously. The big advanatage is that you can either just keep it simple like this, or use the filter system (below) for different filters.

If you click on the thread title you are directed to the first unread post in that thread.

Changing your filter settings

On the top right of the thread list you will see Filters.


Here you can have various options to show only unread threads, watched content etc. By clicking on save as default this will be the default thread filter applied every time you log in.

The default setting as mentioned is to show unread:


To make your default New Posts show all recent posts (not just unread) then untick unread and tick save as default


Now when you click on New Posts you will see all recent posts

N.B:When viewing on mobile device, there is a shortcut to New Posts via the Lightning icon. New Posts

Browser Bookmarks for new posts

You can have browser bookmarks for different filters, that will initially over-ride your default settings

In order to make a bookmark in your browser for New Posts, you need to use this link:

In order to make a bookmark in your browser for New Posts which over-rides your default filter, you need to use this link:
This will be the same as the old Unread

In order to make a bookmark in your browser for Recent which over-rides your default filter, you need to use this link:
This shows Recent Posts and over-ride any other filters (or no filters)

Forum Post Bookmarks

These are not browser bookmarks, they are stored in your own forum account details. You can now bookmark specific posts using the Bookmark link under the posts. These bookmarks are viewable under the member tab in the navigation bar (where you see your name/avatar)