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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 7 audio recording ethernet question

    Hi I have a powerbook G4 running logic 7 & A Powermac G4 (Panther) runningP/tools Mix Plus with adat linked to Otari Radar. At present in using the powerbook/logic 7 stereo i/o as i cant get money to get a usb/firewire audio interface, Im using it primarily for ultrabeat and natve instruments...
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic MTC Sync problems

    Hi George thanks for that it worked perfect too many cables here but when i disconnected powerbook midi out it cured the problem, all works great now thanks:)
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic MTC Sync problems

    Hi i am new here and i am hope someone can help with this problem. I am trying to sync logic as a slave to protools. I am using a Tatainium G4 powermac running osx panther with pro tools 6.4.1 mix system and i want to have this as the masther and Logic 7 on a powerbook G4 osx Tiger as the...