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    Mixing Vocals In Logic

    most def, i know the struggle. still struggling trying to achieve perfect sound but i think my taste requires thousands of dollasr of equipment to fully satisfy lol. i would use direction mixer on every vocal track. probably spread it 1.00 to 1.10 for the chorus, and .85 to .90 for verses so...
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    Mixing Vocals In Logic

    what reverb are you using in logic?
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    Mixing Vocals In Logic

    Hmmm... what i usually do is have the main lead vocal, and for your hook specifically i probably do one more take of the lower layer so that you can pan one left and one right. I would keep the High octave centered. I would also use a direction mixer to stereoize the vocals and make them thinner...
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    Izotope plugins all fail AU validation

    Thanks so much Justin!!!! Had to make an account just to thank you. Almost lost my mind.