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    Logic Pro 9 Inconsistent latency with recording

    Are all audio files going to and from the same drive, or are newer projects going to a different drive? Is the drive getting full? New files may be having a hard time finding contiguous write space...? Just a thought.
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    I don't know what I did ???? HELP !

    Just drag 'em to the desktop and reboot. When you launch Audio MIDI Setup and the Sound prefs panel, new preference files will be created. Leave the MOTU stuff alone for now. --coh
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    I don't know what I did ???? HELP !

    I'm guessing you shut down the interfaces before you shut down the Mac...? The Mac saw the interfaces disappear and tried to reconfigure the audio setup? Just guessing here, but in any case, don't panic. Shut down the Mac, disconnect both interfaces, and then reboot the Mac by itself. Go to...
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    Logic Pro 9 Running Logic on 1 Mac but 2 accounts

    Logic is not registered to any particular user account. The installation requires an Admin user, but the default install location is available to all users on that machine. The software is registered to the software's owner, and it can be installed on as many machines as the EULA allows...
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    Logic Pro 9 Running Logic on 1 Mac but 2 accounts

    A new user account is a good way to isolate and identify problems. If any program starts crashing or behaving badly, create a new user account and try the offending app from there. The new user account comes with a fresh set of system and application prefs that could be acting up in the main...
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    New Mac Pro graphics card incompatible with Logic 9

    Run Software Update. Make sure you've got all System updates and Logic updates. If that doesn't fix it, post your problem in the Mac Support Forums, in both the Mac Pro and Logic Studio Forums. Or borrow a PCI Graphics Card that is compatible to run the installer. Good Luck...
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    Which Mac? - Help!!

    There's no Firewire port or SD Card slot on the Macbook. Firewire is necessary for low-latency interfaces, and also fast hard drive expansion, and the SD slot can be used for an external plugin engine. So the plain Macbook is out and the real question is, MacBook Pro 13" or 15"? Unless you can...
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    Logic Pro 9 Region colors fade with playhead movement

    I'd look at Preference files first, especially if it's occurring in all your projects. Try creating a new user account on that Mac. Make her an admin. This'll create a brand-new set of OS Pref files, and a new set of Logic Prefs for that user as soon as s/he launches Logic. It's a good way to...
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    Logic Pro 9 Disk too slow, Memory Errors

    The swap file is used as virtual memory by the operating system. The *only* thing you can do with it (if you're not a developer) is to make sure your System drive has more than 20 gigs free space available *at all times*. If your system drive is starting to get near-full, your Mac will...
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    Logic Pro 9 Disk too slow, Memory Errors

    I would try reformatting the external drive, using this Mac. Now that you're working with a known-compatible set of disk drivers, try again. If the problem persists, I'd look at the Firewire chipsets/versions in each unit, and search the web for any known conflicts there. You might also try...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 with Firewire Solo no monitoring sound

    I'd use the headphone output of the Solo rather than the laptop. And in the recording track, is the "I" button selected? Near the Mute and Solo buttons...? That's "Input Monitoring". Make sure that's on for the track you're recording in. (When you create analog audio tracks, there are check box...
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    Logic Pro 9 Bouncing

    In Logic 9, in the Media Bin, under the "Audio File" pulldown, select "Copy/Convert File(s)..." You'll find what you need to convert the sample rate there.
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    Logic Pro 9 All allocation blocks on the volume are full??

    If all the files you're working with are on the same drive - project files and the ones you're trying to import - backup that entire drive immediately. If it says it's full and it's not, there's a problem with the Directory or the Volume Information Blocks. You are headed for serious data loss -...
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    Logic Pro 9 Install Logic 9 or snow Leopard first ?

    I'm a firm believer that major OS updates should be installed cleanly. Anytime the whole number changes is time for a complete backup, an HD reformat and a Clean Install of the OS *and* clean installs of critical apps. Apple's wizards are pretty good, but they miss stuff, and sometimes screw...