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    Affordable/Quality Logic Hardware:

    I'm very happy with a TC Electronic Konnekt 6 that I bought just before Christmas. Like you, I considered an Apogee Duet but was put off largely by its reliance on messy breakout cables to work around that oh-so-pretty design and, yes, the price too. The only common complaint about the TC was...
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    Set up user account for recording?

    Interesting point; thanks Yore.
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    Helicopter-like Sound in my Guitar Signal..?

    No worries man, glad it worked out.
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    Helicopter-like Sound in my Guitar Signal..?

    Electrical interference, perhaps. Do you have anything like a fluorescent strip light, energy saving lightbulb, TV set or a heater turned on? They're common culprits, especially with single coil pickups. Try turning off as much electrical stuff as you can, and also moving the guitar around to...
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    What do you use for drums?

    Superior Drummer 2 here. I route the dry samples out to individual tracks in Logic and treat them like real drums with various plugins, which produces very natural sounding results and teaches me a thing or two in the process. It comes with a bunch of presets for its built-in mixer too, so...
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    Set up user account for recording?

    Long time lurker, first time poster, so hello! Is there any value in setting up a separate user account on my computer solely for music production, i.e., optimised in such a way that system resources are devoted as much as possible to recording, with the goal of minimising latency? I use a...