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    Alternative/ Rock /Metal project

    I am big fan of you, and what I heard so far.. it will be very good.And web page is awesome.well,you like this kind of music then i would suggest you to this Band called "Janus".they are comparatively new.
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    Battery 3

    Most Native Instruments plugs have generic parameter numbers until you map them to a device.If you map a parameter to a device,the name of the mapped parameter shows up in this list along with the assignment number.I haven't checked Battery 3,but that's how it's done with Kontakt.Thanks.
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    Logic Pro Certification

    I suppose the potential is there to increase job opportunities.I work for an Apple Pro Audio and Video Value Added Reseller,and it was a requirement of my job.Since I use Logic extensively in my own productions it was a really good experience for me, and I'm considering further...