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    Logic Pro 9 Sudden Motion Sensor

    The times this has happened to me it has been exasperating to diagnose, but the solution has always been to replace a hard disk which must have been slowly and intermittently failing.
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    Logic Pro 9 Do you buy EXS libraries?

    I always buy the EXS version of a library if it is available. I have Kontakt, but find EXS _much_ quicker and easier to use.
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    Logic Pro 9 No waveform for audio in Arrange

    I saw this once, and it turned out that somehow the Record Delay setting in Audio Preferences had been set outrageously high.
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    Gain, eq, compressor(s), limiter, AD-limiter. There's no magic signal chain, you have to imagine what the track needs, listen to what each plugin is doing and tweak it or lose it. But be careful with your gain staging. If you are getting distortion you are overloading something somewhere...
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    The Logic AD Limiter is more like a clipper than a VCA type limiter. It will distort if driven hard. Bypass all your mastering plugins and add them back one at a time in order, making sure you never go near clipping. Add another gain adjustment if you do clip. Listen for when the unwanted...
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    What is your signal chain (eq, compressors. limiters etc)?
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    Logic Pro 9 freeze problem

    Some suggestions: Could it be a corrupt song template? Have you tried with a fresh template? I have found that accidentally having Universal track mode OFF caused weird "linked" tracks sometimes (UTM should normally be ON.) If you set the mixer widow to show "all" you can sometimes see what is...
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    Logic 9.1.5 CPU Spike question

    SATA error can cause CPU spikes I was having CPU spikes followed by the "disk is too slow"error even on very small projects, and I tried many suggested solutions. In the end I ran the Apple Hardware test ( and it came up with a SATA error. All my drives...
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    Logic Pro 9 Time and pitch machine are grayed out!

    Serato Pitch n Time only works with Logic in 32 bit mode.
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9 Memory Issue

    Logic 9 needs more memory than Logic 8. In my case with 6 gb memory, switching Logic 9 to launch as 64 bit (in the Finder Get Info window) is the workaround.