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    Logic Pro 9 Setting up a single macro to control multiple plugin automation

    Hi Guys I have audio on a track that lasts 1 bar running through various fx.. During the course of this one bar I want to automate the multiple fx on the channel as one "mega effect" (filter sweep, distortion, reverb all move together) I go and assign all the parameters from different plugins I...
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    Logic Pro 9 32 bit audio

    I should say that this is not a sound quality issue. I know that converting from 32 to 24 will not degrade the audio in any way that I will be able to notice. It is more for the fact these files came from someone else who in the end will be having them mastered and he wants to keep everything...
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    Logic Pro 9 32 bit audio

    Hello I have some 32 bit wav files I need to bring into logic or soundtrack pro for editing. Basically these are finished stereo mixes bounced at 32 bit (from sequoia I believe) and the only thing I will be doing is running them through some plugins and rebouncing. I want to keep the files...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.5 released

    I have 9.1.3 Do i have to install 9.1.4 before 9.1.5 or is it a combo update?
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    Logic Pro 9 Very Confused about logic app support folder system

    Hello After looking through the logic application support folder (User/Library/AppSuport/Logic) I am confused about something. First some backround. I installed logic 9.1.1 from disc on a 2011 I7 Imac. I then upgraded to 9.1.3. Everything seems to be working fine. So here is what is...
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    Logic Pro 9 Moving Logic Loops and Samples to external

    Thanks everyone for the replies George: As of now I am just using kontakt with the factory lib. The total list of sample based software I am using is EXS, Kontakt, Battery, Omnishpere, Stylus and Reason. I understand that ideally you would want to seperate these libraries out to as many...
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    Logic Pro 9 Moving Logic Loops and Samples to external

    Thanks George So what you are suggesting is logic content (exs instruments jampacks) on the internal with the app and OS, but still use a dedicated sample drive for all third party samples like Omnishpere or Kontakt? Originally I wanted to put the logic samples and loops on the same drive as...
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    Logic Pro 9 Moving Logic Loops and Samples to external

    Hello I just got a brand new I7 Imac. I will be using the internal hd for booting/apps and an external fw800 drive for audio sessions. I eventually want to move all logic 9 content (loops and samples) onto another external but i don't have one yet. So for now I will be installing logic...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.3 Download Link Found

    Understood. Sorry about that. I guess if anyone wants it they will have to find it themselves on Gear Slutz
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.3 Download Link Found

    Many people are unhappy with 9.1.4 mainly because of the es2 sync bug. Apple has removed the 9.1.3 update from their site so if you upgraded to 9.1.4 and want to go back but dont have a time machine backup the best you could do was revert to 9.1.1 Well I found this on a gearslutz thread. Thought...
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    Logic Pro 9 How to Update only to 9.1.3

    Hi I will be buying and installing new copy of Logic 9. Until a fix is released for the es2 sync problems in 9.1.4 I only want to go as far as 9.1.3 Is this update still available from apples site or can I only update to 9.1.4? This will be my first install of logic so I do not have a time...
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    96K Computer Requirements

    sounds great. thanks so much
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    96K Computer Requirements

    I have never run a session above 24/48 mainly because of hardware limitations. While the real world benefits of 96K can be dabated I would like to give it a try. So here is my set up 2011 Imac 3.4 ghz I7 16 GB Ram Logic Studio 9 64 bit Internal HDD for booting and apps External FW 800...
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    Is RAID 0 worth it for audio?

    Hello I am deciding between two external FW 800 drives to use as an audio drive (record to and playback sessions) One is a single drive and the other is a Performance RAID 0. I know you get more bandwidth with the RAID but the drawback is higher potential failure rate and price. Is the...
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    Logic Pro 9 AU Host VS Standalone Omnishphere BFD etc

    Hello I guess I have two questions. When running Logic in 32 bit mode many use a AU host such as VE pro or Bidule to run programs like Omnisphere or BFD that require lots of ram. Why is this better than just running Omnisphere or BFD as standalone and routing midi through IAC and audio...