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    Logic Pro X Editing glitch in Piano Roll

    Markdvc and Pete Thomas were so helpful with my last problem, I'm going to forge ahead with my next logic beef. I should have done this a long time ago: probably save myself some tooth enamel. This one is in the piano roll split in the arrange page, that you get to by double-clicking on a midi...
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    Logic Pro X Time Signature changes in 10.5

    The key command thing is a good call and I have set it up in logic. It's still one of the great things about logic, the number of approaches to a single problem the emagic lads built into the program. Thanks for your help.
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    Logic Pro X Time Signature changes in 10.5

    Mark. thanks for your response, but that's too many steps. All you had to do previously is get the playhead where you need it, go up to the time signature readout in your control bar and change it. It also means I have to use up real estate on my arrange page with the time signature track, and...
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    Logic Pro X Time Signature changes in 10.5

    Back in the day, Logic had the most elegant, most streamlined application of time signature changes in the business. Nobody had it but Logic. They've gradually reduced the functionality so that now they're back to where all the other developers were in the 90's. There have been two major...