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    Logic Pro 9 No waveform for audio in Arrange

    If the signal is low enough it may not appear on the regions in the arrange. You can amplify the waveform display if you need to, similar to Pro Tools. Click the waveform button near the horizontal zoom/scrollbar for the Arrange Window. You can also click-hold to adjust (drag) between max and...
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    Please help: Major upgrade?

    Thanks everyone. I went ahead with the OS Snow Leopard + L9 upgrade, and it all works pretty good! Things are definitely a lot nicer, and I've noticed a lot more details and improvements. I look forward also to upgrading RAM a little, as I think the workstation is a little slower at times...
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    Please help: Major upgrade?

    Hey Eli, Thanks! That's good news overall. :D Is the jump to 64bit processing similar to adding more RAM? I will have to do some good research! Thanks again.
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    Please help: Major upgrade?

    Hey everyone! I run a Macbook Pro (older 15" from '08; 2GB Ram, new Logic Board/SuperDrive/Display/500GBHDD w/ about 30GB left) with OSX 10.5.8, Logic 8.0.2 (Academic). I learned the hard way that I need OSX 10.6 minimum to run a new plug-in (Camel Audio's Alchemy). Long story... This...