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    Logic Pro X how to quickly break up a long recording

    I did a new live recording to publish a live recorded CD. I had to open a session for each night ( 3 nights all together ) and let Logic roll for the whole night. Now, I want to be able break them up into sessions for each song instead of a long 2 hour sessions. What is the quickest way to...
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    Logic Pro X What's the max?

    I have used software monitoring thru DAW on my latest album recording. 12 tracks live to disk with my RME FirefaceUC and 2.4GhZ Core2Duo MBPro. We used no effects and just a reverb. 5 separate headphone mix. No Problems about latency with 64K buffer. It was a jazz recording so it had to be live.
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    Logic Pro X Export Audio to Movie

    I had experienced this as well. Just in case, if you have imported the voice over on to a separate track in Logic, make sure that you have muted the movie's audio.
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    Logic Pro X NI Maschine in Mackie Control Mode crashes Logic intermittently

    Hi everyone, I have my M-Audio Axiom Pro, iPad and Maschine setup in Mackie Control mode. All is well when everything works but, Logic unexpectedly quits once in a while. Maschine in Mackie Control seems to be the problem since Logic performs well with the other two connected all the...
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    Logic Pro X Novation LaunchKey Mini & Pro X

    I have M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 and I think it is one of the best integrations I have seen. For me atleast... In plug-in edit mode you can edit anything wo touching the mouse. I use iPad for mixing but Axiom Pro for EQ, Compressor or any instrument...
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    Logic Pro X Plug-in delay compensation

    I knew that using Adaptive Limiter on Master causes latency. However, I have bounced a stereo file to show the director the music I was working on for a movie and all the synchronisation was almost a second late. I thought Logic compensated for that latency when bouncing... Could it be...
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    Logic Pro X Basic monitoring question

    Check it out.
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    Logic Pro X Basic monitoring question

    Does that noise happen after sleep.
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    Logic Pro X Basic monitoring question

    Do you have input monitor or record activated? You should be able to hear yourself when record button is activated ( during recording ) and when input monitor is activated, you don't have to be recording. Actually you can even record yourself without activating record button when the input...
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    Logic Pro X Logic Remote (for iPad)

    I have been using it a lot. Mostly for mixing, smart controls, key commands... I have used it for a few sounds and sampled drums as well. It was OK for me. The latency I mean... I have a 27inch iMac and airport express...
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    Logic Pro X From 7 to X

    I would check file browser that has a lot of features. You can get there by either clicking the top right icon in Logic or keyboard shortcut F. You can group your files, check your project media files and other things... You may like it. It looks to me like you have some adjusting to go...
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    Logic Pro X How Can I change the default software instrument behaviour?

    Yes I had just realised that :) When I open some presets from the library I see that they instantiate some effects on busses and use bus sends all saved as a preset. I tried saving as a performance but could not do the same thing.
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    Logic Pro X How Can I change the default software instrument behaviour?

    Just realized no need to save empty instrument as default since checking off open library is the same thing. How can I save an instrument along with an effect send to an aux bus and save it all together with the bus + effect. Thanks...
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    Logic Pro X How Can I change the default software instrument behaviour?

    That's even better. I wonder if I can set and empty instrument as default. Thanks....