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  1. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 Track is panning on it's own.

    When I select a track the panning control begins to slowly move clockwise. If I select another track the original track stops panning, but the new selected track starts doing it. Any suggestions what the problem could be? I don't have any midi instruments hooked up. Only an Axe Fx II. What could...
  2. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 Using iMovie '11 with Logic 9

    I need help please. I want to be able to import an mp3 file (rhythm track) into Logic and record a guitar part over it, all while filming it using iMovie '11. In the end I want to combine the audio and video together to post for friends on YouTube. I'm really not sure of the workflow on how to...
  3. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 Bundle error - Can't load bundle

    Hi, Lately I've been getting this error when I load Logic and Garageband. I briefly had a trial of AmpliTube. Any help resolving this would be appreciated. Thanks!
  4. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 EXS24 Instruments Not Found

    I just migrated to a new MacBook Pro. Now when I open a project I get the following error message. Anyone know how to fix this? I'm seeing it when I select the Ballad Electric Bass, Deep & Hard Bass, Fretless Solo Bass, Motown Bass, Picked Electric Bass, Punchy Muted Bass.
  5. dsw67

    Loss of Steve Jobs, Apple's future, and the future of Logic

    Anyone at least a little concerned? I am, a little...
  6. dsw67

    Would appreciate advice on new MacBook Purchase

    Hi all, I'm hoping for some advice. I'm planning on giving a family member my 2009 MacBook Pro, which puts me in the market for a new computer. Some info about me: I'm a guitarist who performs jazz/blues/funk. I use Logic primarily for composing and creating demos of tunes. I've never used...
  7. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 Beat detection is unable to detect tempo

    Hi, I'm new to Logic so please bear with me. As an exercise I thought I'd try and recreate an existing song I like in Logic. I opened a new project and dragged the song from iTunes into Logic into the first track. I tried to match the project's tempo with the track by selecting the...
  8. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout...

    Hi, All of a sudden I can no longer launch Logic. It gets as far as starting the midi drivers and then freezes. After awhile it starts and I get the following message. Logic Pro has detected a MIDI timeout. Please restart your computer, then relaunch Logic Pro. Etc. If I restart the computer...
  9. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 Device "Gio" is assigned to MIDI Port "Port 1" which is not present

    Recently I had to send my Gio back to Apogee for repairs. Now, every time I launch Logic I get the following message. I'm unable to find the solution on my own, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Device "Gio" is assigned to MIDI Port "Port 1" which is not present Dana
  10. dsw67

    Volume jumps in cycle mode?

    Hi, While looping a midi bass part in cycle mode I noticed it was too loud in the mix so I lowered the volume. Trouble is, when it starts to cycle again the volume jumps back to it's original location. Why does it do that, and how can I fix it? Thanks, Dana
  11. dsw67

    ? re: making midi files more consistent

    Often I compose using midi files generated in Band in a Box (BIAB), then drag and drop them into tracks in Logic. Later I edit them to my personal preferences. Sometimes I will replace a measure or two here and there, using the step input keyboard. My question is, what's the best way to make...
  12. dsw67

    Music composition workflow questions

    I'm hoping to get some advice from folks who compose music in Logic. I'm relatively new at music composition despite the fact that I've been playing guitar for many years. How do you organize different versions of the same piece? What do you name them? Version 1, 2, 3, etc? Last night I...
  13. dsw67

    Using Rewire to link Logic to Sibelius

    Has anyone done this? What are your experiences with it? What are the benefits? I don't really understand it. I'm actually better at composing in Sibelius than Logic, so for me the goal would be to export my compositions from Sibelius into Logic and tweak them for performance. Using Rewire to...
  14. dsw67

    Midi programming for non-keyboard players

    Hi, I'm a guitarist with very little keyboard skills. For those of you who are non-keyboard players, how do you program midi keyboard parts? Lately I've been using Band in a Box since I can type in a chord progression, pick a style, and generate a midi file which can be dragged and...
  15. dsw67

    What's the best way to add more USB interfaces?

    Hi, Beginner user here. I currently have a Macbook Pro with 2 USB interfaces. It seems I constantly need 3; one for my Apogee Gio, 1 to my midi keyboard, and 1 to an external hard drive. What's the best way to add a 3rd USB interface. Is there some 'splitter' I could buy? Thanks for the...
  16. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 How do I join audio regions together

    Sorry, another new Logic User question: I want to do the following: 1. Take a 1 measure Apple Drum Loop 2. Convert it to audio 3. Import it back into Logic. 4. Copy and paste until I have 4 measures (consisting of 4 separate regions) 5. Join them together to make 1 region, so I can... 6...
  17. dsw67

    Logic Pro 9 Logic learning curve...

    I'm hoping to get some advice from all you good folks. My background; I've been a semi-professional guitarist for about 20 years. I have a BA in music performance. I play mostly jazz, soul, and blues. Back in 2009 I decided to seriously pursue creating and producing my own music. After...