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  1. yavuz

    Logic Pro X how to quickly break up a long recording

    I did a new live recording to publish a live recorded CD. I had to open a session for each night ( 3 nights all together ) and let Logic roll for the whole night. Now, I want to be able break them up into sessions for each song instead of a long 2 hour sessions. What is the quickest way to...
  2. yavuz

    Logic Pro X NI Maschine in Mackie Control Mode crashes Logic intermittently

    Hi everyone, I have my M-Audio Axiom Pro, iPad and Maschine setup in Mackie Control mode. All is well when everything works but, Logic unexpectedly quits once in a while. Maschine in Mackie Control seems to be the problem since Logic performs well with the other two connected all the...
  3. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Plug-in delay compensation

    I knew that using Adaptive Limiter on Master causes latency. However, I have bounced a stereo file to show the director the music I was working on for a movie and all the synchronisation was almost a second late. I thought Logic compensated for that latency when bouncing... Could it be...
  4. yavuz

    Logic Pro X How Can I change the default software instrument behaviour?

    When I open an empty project and instantiate a multi-timbral software instrument, I get e rhodes sound and 16 channels of MIDI that controls that instrument. How can I change the this behaviour? Let's say I want to make preset and make that the default instrument or I want Logic to...
  5. yavuz

    Logic Pro X New Logic Package format questions ( scoring for a movie )

    I used to save different versions when I was scoring for a movie. I am starting a new score in a couple of days and I am wondering how to organize this in Logic X. Should I use the folder hierarchy or go with the package system. I usually have a full length movie and I place the bounced...
  6. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Some weird changes in Logic X 10.04

    I used to be able to alt+drag a region to copy. I cannot do that anymore. T key used to open tools now opens Event List. Tool is assigned to alt+1 And I used to be able to shorten lengthen regions and it would snap tp a bar line when smart snap was selected it is acting weird now...
  7. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Disk Meter too high on my iMac

    I have mid 2011 iMac 3.2GhZ with 8 megs of RAM. I don't get Disk Too Slow messages but my Disk meter rides around 60-70% all the time. I added a screen shot of a project that has 7 16 bit tracks. Why could that be? I have a separate Western Digital FW800 Audio drive and I use RME USB...
  8. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Is Logic Pro X the last version of Logic?

    Is this a rumour or a fact? If true what is Apple's plan for later? Garageband?
  9. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Some key commands stop working intermittently

    T for tools , for rewind stops working and nothing really fixes this. These 2 key commands create a MIDI region instead of doing what they're supposed to do... Restart Logic or Mac does not fix it... Then it will be OK for a day or 2... Any ideas?
  10. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Re-Arranged Logic Key Commands

    I have re-arranged/grouped Logic X KCs that I use ( or plan to use ) the most and made them in to a PDF. I have left some KCs out since I am still learning/memorising but I might add them later... I wanted to share the work so I have attached them as PDF. These are all default KCs except the...
  11. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Move selected regions to selected Track KC is buggy

    It duplicates the regions instead of moving. A simple screenset change / and back eliminates the duplicates and regions move to the new track. I don@t know if it is a screen refresh problem or sth else but it@s buggy... KC is Ctrl+Shift+T
  12. yavuz

    Logic Pro X KB Shortcuts bug?

    In my machine the Keyboard shortcuts 'set locators by Previous/Next marker and enable cycle', works the same as 'Go to Previous/Next marker' All of these KB shortcuts change the transport loop location and length according to marker. Is the same with your machine?
  13. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Logic Pro X keyboard cover and extended keyboards???

    I need advice on 2 subjects I am not a heavy KB shortcuts user but, after spending years with logic, I got into using tool box set ( with escape key before and now with T ) Start/Stop, basic navigation ( X for mixer, P for piano roll etc.. ) I want to get in to KB shortcuts for faster...
  14. yavuz

    Logic Pro X High Disk performance meter

    I am mixing my album and I am getting a very unusual high disk performance meter read. We originally recorded this album at a studio that a very early pro tools system. The album was recorded at 16 bit 44.1Khz live to 8 tracks. I have a 3.4Ghz i7 iMac with a FW800 western digital drive. I...
  15. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Key Commands acting weird in LPX

    I have 2 problems with Key Commands window. 1.-I have opened the KeyCommands window and it opens up at the top of my screen. The top of the Key Commands window is under the task bar and I can not pull it down. 2.- My LPX Key Commands started to act weird. Space bar does not work for...
  16. yavuz

    Logic Pro X Changing comp track audio to linear, how?

    I have recorded some guitar tracks in loop recording. So I have a comp track. But, the ending is cut short and I wanted it to go on linear at the end. How can I cut or copy the end ( which happens at the beginnig in the comp mode and add it to the end? Thanks...
  17. yavuz

    A Few questions about mastering

    I have to do a mastering session for an album I have recorded. It's a jazz album. I am not planning to do a lot with it. The recording and mix came out very clean. I have 24/44 files of the CD. I want to use waveburner for mastering. At what stage should I go to waveburner? Do you guys...
  18. yavuz

    Logic Pro 9 M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 keeps losing connection with Logic 9

    I have the latest Axiom Pro firmware/drivers. Using Logic 9 in 64 bit mode. I also have RME FFUC. I am on OS X 10.6.7 . I keep gettiın M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 not found messages while doing something in Logic. Sometimes it starts fine I can keep using Axiom until it gives that message again...
  19. yavuz

    How much RAM max for MBP C2D 2.4 GHZ

    I have a unibody MBP 2.4GHZ( 2009 ) that I am trying to decide if I should upgrade to a newer machine or upgrade RAM etc... This machine is 2.4Ghz and has 4GB RAM in it. I was wondering if I could upgrade this machine to 8GB or 6GB. Any ideas?
  20. yavuz

    core2 duo vs i7 for Logic

    I have MBP given to me from work. It is 2.4Ghz C2D with 4GB RAM. Should I just upgrade the RAM to 6 and go on using this MBP? Or should I upgrade to an I7 MBP with 6GB? I am leaving my job and get this MBP for $1500.- and upgrade to 6GB for $150.- I can also buy a newer I7 MBP for $2550.-...