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    I've been using the built in plugin effect called 'Energizer' for sometime to create the 'Brick Wall' effect. Seemed like it was working good but now I'm thinking it might be adding clipping type distortion. I was wondering if anyone else has perceived this and if you've found a better way to...
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    Logic Pro 8 M-audio firewire solo

    Hello, I recently purchased and enabled a M-audio firewire solo for Logic 8 (G5 2.66 mghz dual ppc) The input and out put channel selections show 1-4 each. Although only 1 and 2 work in, and out. The solo is a 2 channel device. Is Logic displaying 3 and 4 for the internal audio? I bought this...
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    Best Audio Interface

    I have a G5 2.66mghz Dual PPC OS10.5.8 Logic 8 If you have a similar set up I'd like to know what interface is working for you. I have a M-Audio Firewire solo but logic isn't recognizing it. I'm giving up on it.
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    Logic Pro 8 Energizer

    I recently changed from LA3.79 to LA8 . In the old version, when using the energizer, it would give you a preview showing how much you'd be squashing the signal. The new version seems to be trying to give a preview but it's not. Am I doing something wrong. Thanks