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    Logic Pro 9 Loud sawtooth squeal when mixing

    UPDATE: FIXED. Faulty 3rd party plugin caused it. Hi. Im using logic 9 and the apogee duet, Imac 3,2 i3 and 4gb Ram. When Im mixing I get a loud sawtooth sounding squeal. I have to close the project and reopen, but the sound comes again after a while. Anyone know what this problem is? Thanks!
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    Apogee Duet vs Echo Audiofire 4

    Hi. Anyone here using the apogee duet? Been hearing great things about the sound quality in this thing (preamps, converters) and I have been getting the impression that this is as good as it gets for the price range and Im wondering if I should check it out. Im currently using an Echo...
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    Logic Pro 9 Strange wave forms.

    Hi. Ive been getting waveforms like these recently when recording audio in logic 9. Anyone encountered this before? Check this link for screenshot. Thanks. Halvor.
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    About +4dBu / -10dBV nominal levels on software mixer

    Hi. Ive been searching for some explanation of what is probably basic knowledge but Ive not found it so here goes. I run an Echo Audiofire soundcard with Krk monitors connected on output 1/2. I run Logic with the logic mixer master fader at 0 and choose my monitorlevels with the...
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    Logic Pro 9 Is it possible to automate varispeed?

    I cant find info about this and I was just wondering if its possible to automate between different varispeed settings throughout an entire project? Halvor.
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    Logic Pro 9 Marquee tool cursor wont change into a hand.

    Hey. Trying to make a marquee selection on a region for shifting a phrase back by some beats using Flex. I make the selection with marquee tool but the cursor wont change into a hand when i position it at the top part of the selection area. Now I cant move my selection. Suggestions? Thanks.
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    Logic Pro 9 Weird MIDI behaviour.

    Hey. Just installed Logic 9 and I am currently working on an old Logic Express 8 project. I have some tracks running the softdrum kit Pop drum and they are playing. I can hear the sound. However when I make a new region on these tracks and plot drumparts, the parts are not being heard. They...
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    Logic Pro 9 When is Logic kompressor in Soft or hard knee mode?

    0 or 1? Thanks
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    Logic Pro 8 Set Project tempo to match audio region

    Hi. I have a drumloop neatly looped in the sample editor playing in arrange window. I want the project tempo and the metronome to match with the tempo of the drumloop. I tried the "adjust tempo using region length and locators", but that did not help. Anyone? Halvor.