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    Logic Studio apps using Logic Pro for interactive backing tracks

    Nils shows how to create Logic sessions for live performances with with interactive this 7 part series . Template available at logic session template for live tracks follow nils on facebook at...
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    10.3 option drag copy bug

    Alt drag copy bug. Draging a region while holding alt/option produces a copy of that region. When I let go to place that copy it jump to the right by the number of bars that the logic arrange window has before bar 1. i.e. when I pull open the logic arrange winds to show bar -2 then every drop...
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    follow disengages when going into a arrange folder

    I use folders in my arrange window. I have the blue "follow" running man icon engaged. but when I go in and also when I exit the folder the follow disengages and I constantly have to re-engage it or scroll back to my song position. It's a pest