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    Logic Pro X Klopfgeist No sound during count in and record?

    Good to hear.
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    Logic Pro X Klopfgeist No sound during count in and record?

    Klopgeist is a plug-in. Open the mixer and set it to All to reveal the click track. Take a look at the Record menu>Metronome Settings. The Options section in the upper left lets you select when you want to hear the click.
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    Logic Pro X external synths with more than 14 banks

    I have questions and comments but most likely not any answers. So, I created two multi-instruments pointing to the same hardware module, an Integra-7 (I-7). These multis appear in the library and I can assign either of them to MIDI tracks. MIDI notes will playback when using either multi. Is...
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    Logic Pro X Need help accessing CoreMIDI

    Try this: First, open the AudioMIDI Setup Utility, make sure the MIDI window is visible and that any connected devices appear as active. Next, start up Logic. This may or may not work, but it is a common trouble shooting workaround.
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    Logic Pro X Hide Alias in Notation

    It used to be located here: File > Project Settings > Score > Global, select or deselect the Show Alias/Loops checkbox. In the current version it's not there.
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    Logic Pro X My new Logic Pro X beginner's book is now available on Kindle, pre-order for physical book.

    Congratulations. Your book is now in my Kindle and it looks very comprehensive!
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    Logic Pro X LP 10.5.1 behaving strangely

    Situations like this are kinda funny in hindsight but maddening in the moment. Yesterday evening, trashing the controller preferences because of odd behavior resulted in some MIDI devices not showing up in the Environment Physical Input object although present in the AudioMIDI Utility and in...
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    Logic Pro X A weird and disturbing issue

    Thanks for posting the solution. The MIDI services concern has been around for awhile. Discovering the solution specific to your system is better than going down various rabbit holes that may or may not resolve the issue.
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    Logic Pro X Have to tick "Reset All MIDI Drivers" button after playback . . .

    At a glance, my impression based information presented in this thread, is to not use the 003 for any MIDI connections during the problem solving process. If playback is normal as result, then continue to avoid using the 003 for MIDI connections. Use the Nektar's USB to connect to your Mac. Use...
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    Logic Pro X exporting single score part

    You may have to select a printer from the Logic>File menu>Page Setup window. The PDF pop should then appear in the Print window.
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    Logic Pro X score editor linear view.

    Another thing to try is to place your cursor at the border of the score and the ruler. The cursor changes to a vertical double arrow shape. Drag downward to increase space at the top of the score
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    Logic Pro X exporting single score part

    With the track highligted and appearing the score editor, from the Logic File menu, select Print. In the lower left of the print window is the PDF popup. Select Save as PDF. Enter a name and click Save.
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    Logic Pro X LPX 10.3 Moving tracks issue

    It could be a bug. Report it here: Logic Pro X menu (upper left of the screen when Logic is active)>Provide Logic Pro Feedback Then there's the question of does this occur in all projects or just the current project? If just the current project, then it may have become corrupt. In this case...
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    Logic Pro X Event Float On Old Song

    Perhaps a long shot, but maybe try the project import function with a new empty project template. Suggesting this if the project is corrupt in someway.
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    Logic Pro X Tracks, channels and instruments

    . Samples per instantiation.
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    Logic Pro X Tracks, channels and instruments

    My undestanding from reading various authoratative sources is that there's one EXS engine whether there is one or several instantiations of the EXS24. RAM usage will of course increase when multiple instances of the EXS24 are loaded. The EXS24 uses Logic's audio editor and not a separate engine...
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    Logic Pro X Tracks, channels and instruments

    Good to hear it worked for you. Cheers!
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    Logic Pro X Tracks, channels and instruments

    So, you'll need to set this up in the environment using MIDI instrument and Chanel Splitter objects.
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    Logic Pro X Tracks, channels and instruments

    Make sure the following setting is active: File menu>Project Settings>Recording>Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording, Ch1, Ch2 appear when the track channel is assigned in the inspector as you describe above. At least that's the case with 10.5.1. I don't keep track of what changes or...
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    Logic Pro X Tracks, channels and instruments

    Create a summing stack.