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    Logic Pro X How To Roll Back Logic 10.1.0 to the previous version

    Hi All I am buying Lexicon PCM Native Reverb or Lexicon LXP Native Plugins but Lexicon tell me there is a problem with noise on the latest version of Logic and the fix is to roll back to the previous version. Can someone please tell me how i roll back? Thanks Alan
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    Monitor Size Question

    Hello My current monitor is a Dell S2409W 24" flat screen. It is 6 years old. I wanted a 27" to go with my late 2012 Mac Mini but my dealer say's the text will be so small it will be difficult to read. There must be others that use a 27" screen,so I need some advice please. Thanks...
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    Logic Pro X Apple Loops Question

    HI All I decided i should get to know Loops and i have been listening to some of them in Logic X. Is it possible to alter the key that the loop plays in,i don't want the loop recorded in say "A" to stay in "A" all the way through a 2.30 song. Any help appreciated Thanks Alan
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    Which Interface do you Use?

    Hi Guys I have been using an M-Audio Profire 610 but due to the time it is taking for them to release a Maverick driver i am looking for a change. I need something i can connect to my mixer,i was looking at the Apogee and the RME Babyface,but i am open to suggestions. Anyone care to...
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    Logic Pro X Deleting Entries in the Audio Units Manager

    Hi Guys A while ago i demo'd the Redd plugin from Waves. I deleted it in the usual way but the entries for it are still in the Audio Units Manager,although they are not ticked. Can someone tell me how I can get rid of these entries please. Thanks Alan
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    Logic Pro X Convert WMA Files to MP3 or Wave

    Problem sorted
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    Logic Pro X Snap Question - Sorted

    HI Guys Well with the help of Eli this question has now been sorted. If you set the Snap to Ticks in the snap menu,it has the same effect as turning Snap off. There isn't an Off function,Ticks is the way to go. I also asked how to drag the beginning of a Track so i could get rid of the...
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    Logic Pro X Snap Question

    Hi All Could someone please tell me how to turn the Snap function off in Logic X. I have looked in the manual but I don't understand what it is saying. Thanks Alan
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    Logic Pro 9 Mixing Problem

    Hi Guys First of all my setup is Mac Mini - Logic Pro 9 - M-Audio Profire 610 Interface - Soundcraft M4 mixer - and a pair of Spirit Absolute 2 Monitors. OK,I put a backing track on Track 1 in the main window,and route it's output to Stereo,channel 1/2 on the mixer I put another...
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    Which Interface do You Use

    HI All Following on from my Waveform problem,I would like to ask which interface people use that displays the waveform correctly on the Arrange Page when recording? I am told by my music shop that this problem has been seen before by people using the Profire 610,so I am looking to see...
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    Sound in Left Side Only?

    HI All I am so frustrated it's unbelievable. I play a backing track and the sound comes from both sides of the phones. I play my guitar and i get it in the Left side only. I have tried everything I can to put it right but nothing works. Can anyone tell me for guitar,is the track...
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    Audio Waveform too Small

    Hello All I may have asked before but it was not resolved. I have been back to Logic today to do sone recording and the recorded waveform is practically non existent. The input volume is blasting,the waveform icon on the bottom right of the arrange page increases all waveforms not just...
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    Logic Pro 9 Question About the Cursor

    Hello I notice that when playing a file,the cursor continues after the end. Also when I stop the playback the cursor stays at it's current position. Is there a setting so the cursor will return to the beginning when the play is stopped. I have looked in help but it say's nothing...
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    Logic Pro 9 Headphone Question

    Hello,another basic question I fear. When monitoring my guitar playing,I can only hear the left side. I have tried using a Stereo track,but no different. Probably a simple fix,but I have only had Logic since Thursday,so be gentle with me. Thanks Alan
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    Logic Pro 9 More Newby Questions -Thank you

    Hello All Newby questions again. Can I import my Audio Backing Tracks from an External HDD? Can I Import them from an External DVD? Logic Loaded the 32bit version to my Mac Mini. Is that correct,I thought Logic was 64bit? Thanks Alan
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    How to Transfer Files From PC

    Hello Well I finally got my Mac Mini and I have instaled Logic Pro today. Problem is,how do I transfer my Audio Backing Tracks,both MP3 and Wave,to the Mac. They are on a HDD in my PC,which is formatted NTSC,I believe Macs have their own format. I have a Pen Drive but it is only 8...
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    OS-X Manual

    Hi All I have just ordered my very first Mac Mini and I was wondering if I could download a Manual that would give me the basics in the OS. Coming from Win 7,I know nothing about the OS-X software. Questions such as Can OS-X read my Win7 HDD so I can transfer my Audio files to the...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic Plugin Question

    Can I use Logic's plugin's in real time? I currently use Guitar into M-Audio Profire 610 Interface -into Sonar - into PSP 608 Multiecho plugin - Waves GTR3.5 - Compressor. Can I use this chain in Logic,and use Logic's plugin Echo and Compressor in real time while monitoring my playing...
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    Which First Mac for Logic?

    Hello all Now that Apple have announced the new range of iMacs etc,I am at a loss to understand why the iMac I was after now has no FireWire port. My interest must now turn to the Mac Mini,and I must ask if this new £679 model will run Logic9 satisfactorily. Does the 5400 speed drive...
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    Logic Pro 9 Importing MP3 Files from my PC

    Hi All Can someone tell me how I import MP3 files into Logic 9 form my PC HDD. Obviously my PC HDD is formatted NTFS,will Logic be able to read it. Thanks Alan