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    Logic TDM Artist Control and Mix

    Hi, I posted this earlier at Logic 8....then realized it should be here. Sorry for the double posting. I have received in a trade for studio time an Avid Artist Control and Artist Mix. (both black are the newer versions) On the box it says "power pc not supported" Does...
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    Logic Pro 9 MMC with DA-88 seems like everything is checked right for making Logic thing I did alot through this whole thing was reset the Tascam to factory defaults and start over...if you haven't done helps. Also...the Logic tapedeck icon does not apply to this situation in case you are...
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    Logic Pro 9 MMC with DA-88

    ps. that tape deck icon in Logic only worked for arming tracks. did not give or effect the transport controls on the Tascam when it was set to slave and Logic master. Like I said make Tascam the master if possible.
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    Logic Pro 9 MMC with DA-88

    switched and worked Hey, I finally got them synced up. Mine is a DA78 so maybe has more options but I ended up making the Tascam master and Logic chasing it. Midi out of Tascam to midi in via USB midisport to Logic. I can tell you all the settings and if the 88 sends midi out it should work...
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    Logic Pro 9 MMC with DA-88

    Hi Doofus, Did you ever get this working? I am having similar issues with a DA78 HR. Got the tape icon up...but still not getting Logic and the Tascam to run in sync. Let me know. Thanks! -Tim