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    Logic Pro 9 can i disable the "click to open plugin interface" popup in 64bit mode?

    obviously if i double click on the plugin box...i want to see the plugin. its sooooo annoying having to click something else, to confirm what i already clicked once. it reminds me of something windows would nag about. any way to change this?
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    Logic Pro 9 Merge regions is moving my audio! randomly

    hey guys heres the scenario. im cutting up drums (around 14 tracks) and aligning them to the grid, after im done chopping through i go back and drag all the left corners out to smooth all the edits, then Shift = for merge all regions per tracks....... BUT tracks that have slate Trigger, some...
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    waveform smoothing and gridlines through region options

    i find myself while editing drums sometimes having a hardtime seeing gridlines, showing a faint line THROUGH the regions would be awesome. also i know technically logics waveform drawing is "better" then protools'. but being able to have logic selectively smooth its rendering of waveforms i...
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    Logic Pro 9 merge regions per tracks is moving audio files on me!

    hey guys! somewhat new here, but ive been a 7 year hardcore logic user! so i come to you for help....and maybe in the future i can help someone else! but anywho heres the scenario, im running an 8 core macpro with 6.5 gigs of ram on 10.6.4 with L9.1 im editing drums which consist of...