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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Input midi to multiple VST instruments? SURELY Logic can do this?

    Using Logic 5.5. I want to do something that seems incredibly simple, but turns out is not: route incoming midi data to multiple VST instruments at the same time, channelized. I have midi coming in on midi channels 1 and 2 but only the audio instrument that's selected in the arrange page has...
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Font nastiness

    This is Logic 3. The first picture is a lot worse in person than you think. It's a really weird almost unreadable Bold type font. The 2nd picture is self explanatory. I think I remember the same thing happening in version 4, but it was at least cleared up by version 5. What's going on?
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 3 or 4 ADB or Serial dongle?

    I have an ancient Mac that will only take an ADB dongle. I also have an old Windows dongle for Logic 3 but I don't think that will work. I'm not sure if the Windows serial dongle for Logic 3 will fire up a Mac version of Logic 3, but even so I'd have to find a serial to ADB adapter. Does anyone...
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Anyone have some OS9 Sounddiver updaters?

    As far as I know there was a 3.0.5 and a updater for Sounddiver (OS9 format). Does anyone have these files laying around? I'd like to have them :)
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic Modem & Printer Midi Ports in physical input?

    I noticed that in the Logic 6 on OS9 in the environment that there are Printer and Modem midi ports showing up on the physical input object. They're labeled P1-P32 and M1-M32. Those 64 ports fill up so much of the physical input object that I can't even see my actual midi interfaces below it...
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Will a Pro 7 XSKey woek with Platinum 5 & 6?

    Will a Pro 7 XSKey work with Platinum 5 & 6? I just read somewhere that an XSKey for LP7 will allow me to use Platinum 5 and 6 on OS9. Is that true?