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    Logic Pro 9 Any - "No latency" - solutions for Logic??

    Hello. Are there any good "No latency" interfaces/solutions for Logic? Just upgraded from a system running Logic with Pro Tools DAE/TDM audio. (Recording through Pro Tools 96 I/O interface) Here I was used to "no audible" latency as all audio/recording processing was handled on the DSP...
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    Komplete 8 on OS X 10.5.8?

    Does anyone know if NI - Komplete 8 will run on 10.5.8? I'm aware that the officially requires 10.6... but will it work on 10.5.8? Anyone? Cheers
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    Logic TDM Logic 9 / Pro Tools 8 / OS 10.6.8

    Hello there. I'm new to this site - and would love to hear your inputs on following problem: I'm now running HD 2 Pro Tools 7.4 on a 8 core Mac Pro, together with Logic 8 in DAE mode. Due to new virtual instruments, plugins etc I now need to update to the newest possible version of Pro...