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    Logic Pro 9 adding to logic

    Not sure if i'm in the right bit here but here go's What do use guys think the next thing i should at to my logic pro setup an UAD solo laptop card or arturia laboratory the new 49 keyboard any help cheers james
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    looking for some help guys i've just sold my waldrof blofeld keyboard due to lack of cash but needing something to replace it What i was looking at was the microkorg xl or arturia's analog experience the laboratory (not due out till mid january) or novation sl mk2 , i know thats just midi...
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    Logic Pro 9 external midi

    Hey there new to the group and was looking for some help i have been running logic since about oct last year and i have a good feel for it now, till last night. i was using a m-audio axiom 61 witch was real good but i went and bought a real synth, i bought a waldorf blofeld keyboard, i can get...