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    Logic Pro X Screensets changing

    When I resize my tracks in one screenset, they resize in all other screensets, it’s like they have become linked. Does anybody know how to set this back to normal and unlink them? cheers
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    Logic Pro X Beats to region problem

    Hi all, I'm running LPX 10.4.6 on macOS 10.14.16. In the beat mapping menu, Beats from region is having no effect at all. The normal dialogue to choose a note value does not appear and no changes are made to the tempo map. I have access to another Mac running LPX 10.4.4 and this behaves as...
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    Logic Pro 8 regions to markers

    Does anybody have a key command to snap a selected region to a selected marker in the arrange page?
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    Logic Pro 8 It's been a while

    Hi folks, it's been a while since I used logic, Platinum on the PC actually, but the space bar used to toggle start and stop even when cycle was enabled. On my Logic 8 copy it starts from the left locator when cycle is enabled. Is there a way to make it behave in the old way?