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  1. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X Split midi for Multisampler track?

    Separate By Note Pitch actually is the way to go, it's quick and easy and gives you all the flexibility you want and need. The extra tracks all play through the same instrument channel, so they're not new instruments. You can join the notes that belong together into separate Regions and delete...
  2. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro 9 Help with noise reduction

    There is no Noise Reduction worth mentioning in Logic. Either continue using Audacity or get iZotope RX.
  3. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X Using bus/Aux channels

    Did you explore Bounce In Place ?
  4. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X When to use plug-ins

    Things have changed a lot in the last 30 years. Just as you're no longer required to serve as a coffee maker and gopher for 3.5 years before you are allowed to touch a fader, you're free to proceed as you like as far as plugins are concerned. In the end it does not matter. If it sounds good, it...
  5. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X Can't hear previous take during recording pre-roll

    This is because you're trying to customize the Tool Bar while Mark is customizing the Control Bar
  6. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X Vibrato on Trumpet part.

    Before someone suggests to turn the ModWheel down, you might want to add that you had a massive 4pages thread on this a while ago on another forum (Funny Sound Coming From A Track - Logic Pro Help), with many, many suggestions and you eventually deciding to ask the software developer. I'm not...
  7. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X Instruments using effects from another track

    This has nothing to do with your original problem, right ? Uncheck the box at the bottom. Ironically, it's a setting that's meant to help newbies to not get confused and invariably it confuses them even more. Even its description sounds like an apology. I wish it wasn't there.
  8. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X No template audio playback, can't open "empty project"

    Enable Core Audio in Preferences>Audio>Devices, select a reasonable audio IO Device and click Apply.
  9. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X insert a 1 quarter bar

    Also, you're in the wrong Edit menu...
  10. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X insert a 1 quarter bar

    Yes, there is As it should be. You use the Signature track to create a list of signature changes.
  11. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X Can Logic export Timecoded audio?

    Everything you Join or BounceInPlace as WAV has TC embedded, so if you pull that into another project you can Move>To Record Position. But then, every WAV you didn't BIP will have its Record Position embedded too, and that does not mean you actually used it there. Since no one receiving your...
  12. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro 9 MIDI monitoring question

  13. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro 9 MIDI monitoring question

    That's the key commands window and it's in Logic since at least 1.7 when I got on. Mute Region has always been available as it's one of the most fundamental commands there is. I mapped that to M because to me it's much more useful that muting a track or a channel. The default is probably a...
  14. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro 9 MIDI monitoring question

    So you mute the Region (not the Track and not the Channel) and you can't hear your keyboard anymore ? Works fine here: I have no idea what "practice mode" is, I usually hit Play. Actually I don't hit Play, I hit Record, because I'd kick myself if it was any good and I didn't record it...
  15. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro 9 MIDI monitoring question

    Click on the Region and hit M or whatever your keycommand for Mute Region(s) is. And if you just played the take of your life while rehearsing, you can always hit "Capture as Recording" immediately thereafter.
  16. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X New Error Message

    Right. Anything else ?
  17. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X New Error Message

    I will gladly put all these adjectives into my resume, thank you. I assume you had more than (the necessary) Audio Files checked in the Save As... Dialog especially Sampler audio data and/or Alchemy audio data, which is not necessary when dealing with factory patches like this Marimba. So...
  18. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X New Error Message

    I don't assume your compositional genius to be responsible for this error message. I have, however, zero clues about its true origin, because, sadly, you didn't give any. Like, literally, nothing. So, what were you doing (other than being a compositional genius which in and of itself is not...
  19. fuzzfilth

    Logic Pro X New Error Message

    Maybe it's true ?