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    Logic Pro 9 flex tool key command assign?

    hi, ive just got Logic 9 and am very impressed with the flex tool. I was assigning my old key commands from logic 8 manually, and set R as Record Toggle. Then I assigned the Key Commands for the tools I use most. I wanted to assign the Flex Tool to one, but it isnt there in the list of tools...
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    Logic Studio apps importing exs insts into Ultrabeat

    hello I use alot of sampled drums, chopped up in recycle and then imported into the exs 24. im trying to play with ultrabeat, get to know it a bit. every time i import an exs kit into it, it doesnt recognise the start and end points of each slice, it just puts the whole sample on every...
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    Logic Pro 8 output problem on v.5 songs opened in v.8

    hi i run logic 5 on a pc and also logic 8 on a mac, which i use for mixdowns. i run a motu 828 mk II with both. when i open songs in the mac, it only shows two stereo outputs on the environment window. if i pan a track to, say, output 7-8, it will come out of those outputs on the...