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  1. denitronik

    New video-clip

    Here's my new creation (with the help of some old friends), you can view it on YouTube Lyrics are in Quebec French (it's about offshore tax evasions); the music is in music, all done in Logic. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. denitronik

    Logic Pro X Logic Pro X 10.2 Score Editor Bug

    I have the same problem with a non retina macbook (2012). Is seems to have to do with the zooming. It did not happen when my score page was zoomed smaller that the display window.
  3. denitronik

    Logic Pro X Global text problem in score editor

    Thank you for the advice!
  4. denitronik

    Logic Pro X Global text problem in score editor

    I am getting inconsistent results when trying to put a song title to a score in LPX. The title is only appearing in the topmost instrument and not to all instruments. In score view, using my own score set or the "all instruments" score set, I drag a TEXT object into the top margin area and when...
  5. denitronik

    Logic Pro X Location Incompatible audio units

    At least your problem is not system wide. You could drastically delete all files related to the faulty plugin and Ambrosia or use the Onyx application to do some cache cleanup (and other cleanups) on your computer and you can do this on a per-user basis. You can find a version for your OS here ...
  6. denitronik

    Logic Pro X Location Incompatible audio units

    Have you tried creating a new user on your mac and see if you get the same problem with the new user. If not, then it was some preference or cache file in your previous user space that was the problem. If you still have the problem then it's system-wise and maybe a clean install is the only...
  7. denitronik

    Logic Pro 9 M-Audio AXIOM 49 and 64 bit mode

    Get the Enigma application from M-Audio for software editing and presets files.
  8. denitronik

    Apogee Duet vs Echo Audiofire 4

    I have a Duet and I like it a lot. The sound quality is great and was a step up from my previous interface (MOTU 828MKII). It is well integrated with the Apple operating system and versatile (I sometimes used it as a re-amping interface for example). The only complaints you will see is about it...
  9. denitronik

    New song on my site

    Thanks! If you like the acoustic stuff, my friend Pierre Marion (the guy I am playing with in the video) is a composer/classical guitarist (self-taught) and he has a site I've done some collaboration work (playing and arraging) on his CD and also did the...
  10. denitronik

    New song on my site

    Just to say that I have a new free tune on my site called "Fade away". It's just acoustic guitar and voice all done with Logic. Hope you enjoy!
  11. denitronik

    New music on my site

    I have added a new free download on my site:
  12. denitronik

    Logic Pro 9 Live use/duet/logic pro

    Apogee states that aggregate devices are not supported for the duet (see the apogee web site); I have read many forums were people have had problems with duets in aggregate devices; so beware. But some were able to use a duet aggregated with the apple internal audio hardware. This might be your...
  13. denitronik

    Logic Pro 9 transferring a midi sequence

    I do this often. You use DP to save your DP projects as standard MIDI files (I suggest you use format 1 to have separate tracks) and then you can use those files in Logic. The trick is to OPEN (not import) the MIDI files in Logic and you get the tempo track as well. Some adjustments may be...
  14. denitronik

    Music Web Site

    My music web site is now done. All songs were made with Logic. For free mp3's goto: