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    Logic Pro 9 The environment seems useless to me.

    The environment interface couldn't be clunkier, the instructions barely cover it's functions, but I have no doubt it is powerful. I wasted 2 days trying to figure out how to rout more than 16 midi channels and gave up. I couldn't find step by step help around and it had some bugs over the top...
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    Logic Pro 9 New Logic user pulling hair out - audio problem driving me mad!! Pls help!!!

    Either it is what the persons earlier to me have said, or it's because of your sound system digital input decoder is taking a second to analyze the signal (my Sony home theatre does that).
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    Logic 9.1.5 CPU Spike question

    I just did a memory check on my iMac and it says the ram is fine... Yet I have the same problem with the last core peaking while the others are taking a nap...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic not using all cores??..

    Pleasure! in my opinion, for stability and system usage, it's better to use softwares only for what they're best at doing, in standalone mode. Here I have it organized this way: Sibelius or Finale [dedicated to notation] midi out --> midi in --> Kontakt instances [dedicated to sampling]...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic not using all cores??..

    It's not working for me either with Logic. At least in standalone mode Kontakt is using all the cores. I would suggest you rout the midi to kontakt (with a software like Midi Pipe) and the audio back to Logic (with Jack os x or Soundflower) if you want to use all your cores for the sampling.
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic not using all cores??..

    Hey George, it does makes sense and would perhaps get around the multicore bug. The thing for me however is efficiency. I run everything in Standalone because it's much much more stable that way. My Kontakt setup actually uses 128 banks of articulations (2x64 channels instances) and many midi...
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    Logic 9.1.5 CPU Spike question

    That's what some people are discussing in the other thread: I've seen threads about this all around the net. It's a problem floating around and in my opinion, at least in some cases, it has to do with the way Logic...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic not using all cores??..

    Hi George, I'm using my own patch and they are not cpu intensive. They are currently not peaking the core but if I add 2 more absynth instances on different channels they go on the same core as the other 2 and one core peaks (crakles and sometimes logic cpu message). When it peaks in Logic the...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic not using all cores??..

    I am suffering from the same issue on an iMac i7. 2 Absynth instances are peaking one core while the 7 others are sleeping. My Kontakt orchestra instances are in standalone mode, so they do not affect Logic processing much. If I run the Absynth in standalone and re-rout the adio everything is...
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    toggle all tracks between READ + TOUCH

    It's a pre-programmed Eucon command available for the transport or the control. Just search through the list...
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    MC Control randoly selects tracks with Ext MIDI

    Try to filter all midi messages in Logic and see if it helps.
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    Euphonix MC Transport issue - jog wheel

    Hi, for a precision job (or jog), go in Logic shortcut's and add 2 shortcuts for move 1 frame forward and move 1 frame backward. Then in the Eucon software program a jog function with those 2 shortcuts, after that assign it to a softkey (with repeat as fast as possible). So at least you'll have...