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    Logic Pro 8 Import Audio From Movie... How to lock audio to movie?

    in the context I was rambling about, I discard the audio from the video track and replace it with the high quality audio from my studio mics...I'm usually editing "in-the-studio" videos of live music performance, so I just don't bother to make a track out of the audio. Otherwise, I agree with...
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    Logic Pro 8 Import Audio From Movie... How to lock audio to movie?

    My take on it (thanks to the Macprovideo "music-for-picture" tutorial) is that you DON'T import the audio separately, therefore it stays locked to picture, and you can vary its volume either in the quicktime window or the settings/preferences box (can't remember which). Also you can play with...
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    Logic Pro 9 control surface issues

    Thanks Petrosil, yes I know that. Someone said it's a 64bit thing...
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    Limiter before or after vocals?

    I know this is an old thread, but here is my 10 cents: using these things need not mean that you are going to squash the life out of everything. For example, I will often place a limiter BEFORE a compressor, so that the compressor has less work to do. I set the limiter to react very quickly to...
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    Microphone - Suggestions needed

    Hi Ryan, I agree that your voice sounds pretty damn good with your current mic. I have had a lot of experience (though you won't see my name on any famous albums), and one thing I have learned is not to make too many changes at one time if you want to keep track of what you are actually doing. I...
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    Problems With Vocal Transformer

    it may help to make small changes, then render, small changes, then render, rather than one big pitch and formant change in one go.
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    Logic Pro 9 System Overload - Audio Engine Not Able to Process Events

    hope I'm not too late to contribute to this thread. I have an 8 core pro, 13 gB Ram, plenty of drives, latest OS and security updates and I also get the "system not coping message" just a few seconds into play, often the first play after opening a project, or after a long pause. Activity monitor...
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    Logic Pro 9 control surface issues

    I've got the same prob! It has not worked even once, although it has reacted in a couple of different ways at different times. If I move the fader it always snaps down to minimum, no matter what automation is written on the track. Steve