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    Logic Studio apps Why does Mainstage change my tone?

    Hi! I'm a newbie to Mainstage. My Lexicon G2 has become unreliable, so I thought I'd try Mainstage for my live bass rig. I love the Soundtoys FilterFreak as much as any hardware envelope filter I've tried, so that covers a huge range of what I want, along with Echoboy, but what is weird is that...
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    Logic Pro 9 Digital Metering Help

    It sounds like you are doing all the right things. There are good discussions about metering out there on the web, but there are just a few areas where extreme diligence is warranted: at the a/d and d/a conversions (which it sounds like you have under control) and in busing. Logic is set up to...
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    Logic Pro 9 Xenon in Logic 9

    My guess is that wouldn't happen. There is a good thread about this plugin at Gearslutz, with a bunch of mastering engineers chiming in (including Bob Ohlsson) in favor of this plugin. Personally, I love it. I'm not a mastering engineer per se, but a location recording engineer, so for...
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    Mobile I/O ULN-2 & 2882 w Motu DP 7

    I would use DP's multiple audio device option. A lot less latency and fuss. I do this with DP 5.13 all the time. However, for pure capture, I just use the MH record panel.
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    Logic Pro 9 NEW MACBOOK PRO/LOGIC 9 - Best Interface?

    I'll add my vote to Metric Halo too! The ULN series of interfaces also support inserts if you want to insert the compressor of your choice. I would also suggest you look at the 8 even if you think you are covered for recording more sources. The flexibility that comes with this box is simply...
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    Congratulations Metric Halo - the ULN 8 is released

    Mine just arrived today and I have to say that I am blown away by this box. Just listening to some multitracks and mixes recorded with 2882s and even stuff from iTunes is an ear opening experience. I can't wait to get it out in the field! Edwin