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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Layering Audio Objects

    Is it possible to layer audio objects with Logic 7.2? I know it's possible to play several instruments simultaneously by setting 2 or more tracks to record, but I'm wondering if there is some way to layer instruments in the environment.
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Is it possible to pay for expert support?

    Hi, Is there some email address or phone number I can call on for expert support? I don't mind paying a reasonable fee for immediate individualized help. Does Logic Pro employ paid experts? Or are there any freelance experts out there who can help me solve my problem in a matter of minutes or...
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 7 + MacBook Pro = No Sound

    Hi. I'm trying to use Logic Pro 7 with a Macbook Pro, and I get no sound. The midi seems to be working fine. I get visual feedback that the songs are being recorded. But no sound when I try to play them. My sound system seems to be set up correctly because I can record and listen to songs...
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Open old PC files with Mac?

    Many moons ago, I created numerous music files using the PC version of Logic Audio Platinum (Version 3.5, 1998). Is there some way to open these files with a Mac version of Logic, or Mac third party software?