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    Logic Pro 9 TUNER plugin in Logic 9.1 issue?

    I know.... It is a ridiculous built-in TUNER plugin, but it is annoying... My Korg DTR-2000 is in a rack in my live rig, and I just hate not having this little handy dandy tuner available on an insert. (metering>tuner). Seems as though it worked fine in Logic 9.0....hmmmmm This plugin simply...
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    Logic Pro 9 Bulk Importing 3rd Party Loops into Apple Loop Library??

    Greetings All..... I have 300-400 gigs of 3rd party loops (mostly WAV) that I would like to add to my Apple Loops Library. I know how to to add them one at a time via the Apple Loops Utility, categorize it, etc etc, so it appears in the Loop Browser within Logic, but is there a way to do this...
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    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1 crashes when I switch the Recording Prefs to 96K

    After watching a few of Eli's informative videos on Logic 9, I decided to redo a bunch of preferences/key commands in all of my templates, and set my recording pref to 96K.. My Apogee Ensemble supports 96K, and Audio/MIDI setup reflects my setting of 96K. However, when I switch this in the Logic...
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    Logic Pro 9 Bus Send Limit in Logic 9.1??

    Hello Everyone! Is there a limit of EIGHT (8) Sends per channel in Logic 9?? What I am trying to do is set up 8 independent headphone mixes via Bus sends per channel, and I seemingly cannot set up any more sends for EFX, additional busses, etc etc. I am sure there is a simple solution...