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    Sonarworks speaker referencing plugin

    I have a speaker referencing plugin from sonarworks. It's to be used in the inputing phase of doing Logic files and then taken out when you go into the bouncing point, mixdown point etc. I can't get Logic 9.1.8 to recognize it. I'm running OSX 10.9.5. How do you get into the AU's??
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Loop Problems with 7

    LUG, I have an old G4 I resurrected to run a lot original files I created in Logic 7.1.1 on this machine. I've installed, reinstalled ALL 6 of the Jam Pack DVD's and they are not showing up in the the loop browser. I did trash the index folder and dragged the loops folder in but ALL of the...
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    Logic Studio apps EXS24 RMI Sound

    Does anybody know (or better have) if there is an RMI sound somewhere in the EXS24 or one of the other softsynths? Tim mtjkeys
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 7 Will Work With?

    Hello LUG, I resurrected my old PowerPC G4 running 10.4.11 and Logic 7.1.1. How far can I update my OS before 7 doesn't work right anymore? Thank You, Tim Jennens mtjkeys
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    OSX 10.4.11

    LUG, Couple of things... Got my old Mirrored Door G4 running again. Not that i will need this for Logic 7, but anyone got a suggestion for upgrading Firefox 3.6.3 to something else. It downloads fine, but browsing is a yawn... Also, I can't open iPhoto for some reason. My assumption is...
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    EVP88 Going Out Of Tune

    LUG, I read another thread, but I'm not sure if what's going on is different with me. My entire EVP88 is totally glitchy. Won't stay in tune. Does anybody have a clue what might be going on? 9.1.8 (1700.67), OSX 10.9.5 mtjkeys
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    Logic Studio apps Lyrics, Sheet Music Reader Mainstage OSX 10.6.8

    Mainstage Users, Is there a reader for Mainstage for lyrics, sheet music? I got concerts/setups together on Mainstage in 10/2012 and hit the ground giggin' with it. I have a Macbook Pro 2.4 intel core 2 duo, 4G ram, 10.6.8, MS 2.2.2. I'm using Adobe Reader to read PDF's I've formatted for...
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    Logic Studio apps Mainstage Cracking/Choking-?

    Hi LUG/Mainstage Users, I'm using MS 2.2.2 with an Intel Macbook Pro OSX 10.6.8, 2.4 Ghz Intel Core Duo 2 and 4G RAM. Machine is maxed out on RAM. Been using Mainstage since 10/12. All through this I've been experiencing MS cracking (distorting-?), and I guess good old choking. I'm running...
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    Logic Pro 9 Weirdness in Logic 9.1.8

    LUG, I have a Kurzweil PC88mx. I use it for Logic and Mainstage. Everything works fine in Mainstage performing, etc. I have noticed the last 6-8 months everytime I open Logic the Eb above middle C does NOT work (going on right now!). Hard to play anything obviously in Eb. Anyone have a...
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    Reading Lyrics on the gig

    Hi LUG, Is there a cheap/easy way to use TextEdit or a Word document or PDF to setup on a Mac laptop to be able to read lyrics off the screen on the gig? I'm just trying to visualize at this point: saving the lyrics the right way, a footswitch of some sort....don't really know. Just...
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    Dyno Rhodes on EVP88

    LUG, Anybody out there point me to how to get some decent Dyno Rhodes sounds of the EVP88? Also the DX7 bell sounds? Tim mtjkeys
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    Logic Studio apps EVB3/GPO Not Working in Mainstage 2.2.2

    Hi LUG, I have a couple of plugins that's aren't working in Mainstage 2.2.2. The first is the EVB3 plugin and the second one is Garritan Personal Orchestra which operates via AU through the Kontakt player (at least in Logic Pro). i've checked both of these and they are working fine in...
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    Logic Studio apps PC88mx As A Controller

    LUG, Does anybody out there use a PC88mx for a controller? I'm trying to figure out how to assign Mainstage to use the sliders (zones) for use for volume and other parameters. Thanks in advance. mtjkeys Tim Mainstage 2.2.2 10.6.8
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    Logic Studio apps EXS24 Samples Not Loading - Showing

    Hi LUG, I'm using some old samples from v5,6,7 in my EXS24 in 9.1.7 on an iMac. They load, work fine on it. I'm using a 2nd Mac Mini that I'm trying to setup a live rig in Mainstage. I did a few "preliminary" setups in Mainstage and emailed them to my Mini (just the preset) to work with...
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    Logic Pro 9 Score Editor Tutorials

    LUG, I've been using Logic since 1998 and until now I'd never had any need to learn the score editor. I'm totally lost. Are there any adequate lessons/tutorials out there that could give me some of the basics of the score editor? I'm more of a watch, repeat, learn person than a read...
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    Logic Studio apps Just Starting With Mainstage

    LUG, I have a Mac mini i'm planning to use with a Mainstage/live setup. I will use Kurz PC88mx as my main controller. I'm thinking of getting 2 M Audio controllers 61es and the 49 keyrig one. What I want to do is have Ivory and electric piano/Rhodes sounds on the Kurz layered, etc. The 61...
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    Logic Pro 9 Harmonica Sound

    LUG, I'm using 9.1.4. I use to have a harmonica sound on the EXS24, but I've lost it. Would anyone first of all maybe know what sound disc that might be on I could load in? I have older sound library discs from previous versions of Logic. I used the sound on some material and I've loaded files...
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Old EXS24 Presets/Names from 7.1.1 (and earlier) to Logic Studio

    Hello, I was wondering can I copy, drag, export old presets from 5, 6, 7 into Logic Studio EXS24 9.1.1? I've just gone to a new iMac i7 and opening old files the names are no longer available. I'm assuming the EXS24 is the same basically and the presets are just numbers for the EXS24 to...
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    Logic Pro 9 Recognizing Garritan PO in 9.1.1

    Hello, Did an upgrade (I think) from .7.1.1 on PPC-10.4.11 to Logic Studio 9.1.1 on an Intel iMac i7-10.6.4. Installing software now. Logic not recognizing GPO as AU. Solution? Tim mtjkeys
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Audio file problem

    OK. I just opened up some older files tonight and the vocal audio tracks are dipping volume here and there (no real pattern). My computer has gone down (Mirrored door G4) in the last 6 months twice; first a power supply, secondly a month ago, the logic board. Did I possibly damage the audio...