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  1. Dr Gruv

    Logic Pro 9 logic 9.1 dumping.... hope 10.6.3 fixes this

    Hope 10.6.3 fixes logic 9.1 running in 32 bit... just got a samsung ssd and loaded everything from scratch no migration - 2008 mbp - 1 week of use... today - loaded trilian, waldorf largo and modartt froze tracks then played with BFD2 and the whole thing when blank and disappeared...
  2. Dr Gruv

    iCouple.TV now live - Mr. & Mrs. Mac aka the Dr.

    First podcast ;) take a look let me know what you think.. looking at greenscreen and more audio... m
  3. Dr Gruv

    Logic Pro 8 EMI 6/2 died in Snow Leopard - Error Message Security Settings

    I get this error message: "/Library/StartupItems/EmagicA26A62mFirmwareLoader" has not been started because it does not have the proper security settings. It is usually stored in the system preference panes
  4. Dr Gruv

    Logic Studio apps Logic Node 9 not processing with mini (enough)

    MBP late 2008 4gb ram 500gb hd + New Mac Mini 2009 Base with 1gb ram Logic Node installed - settings under audio checked... etc Node working (slightly) see picture I had to unplug the edirol keyboard, brother laser printer, fw800 drives, 3 usb hard drives, external alu keyboard griffin...
  5. Dr Gruv

    Logic Studio apps Old Data from Logic 6, 7, 8,

    I was hoping 9 would clean up some of my old data... what do you guys have listed under library - application support - sampler instruments? i thought the old numbering went from 1 - 40 instruments? mine stops at 12 legacy instruments....
  6. Dr Gruv

    Trumpet / Clarinet Concert NEIU CSO Members

    John Hagstrom and the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble Monday, May 18th, 2009 at 7:30PM Northeastern Illinois University, Auditorium 3701 W. Bryn Mawr Avenue Free Parking in Lot F John Hagstrom is a featured soloist with the Chicago Clarinet Ensemble directed by John Yeh. Repertoire includes the...
  7. Dr Gruv

    Great site - RSS consideration

    It would keep us updated on posts and info
  8. Dr Gruv

    Logic Studio apps Hello Everyone!

    Nice new digs :D