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  1. Glenn Gutierrez


    I really like the Monoprice 27" LED/LCD display, which runs perfectly on my Mac Pro (Radeon HD 5770) via DisplayPort. Can't beat the price with the warranty on a good LG panel like this. The 2560x1440 size is fantastic for Logic and any other kind of audio, photo, video or even text editing...
  2. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Studio apps MainStage2 with OSX 10.9

    Was there a reason why didn't you reinstall it?
  3. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 9.1.8, OSX 10.9.2, random crashing help?

    Definitely post your system details. I'm on the same Mac Pro with the same OS, and I've had zero crashes in Logic 9 or X, even while running several other apps alongside. Also: Assuming your system runs well otherwise, the issue may come down to a plug-in. Have you added anything recently?
  4. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.8 still unreponsive in OSX 10.8.4

    Ugh! I wonder if it's related to unique GPU or GPU drivers, then? If so, fixes may roll out slowly. With any luck, the graphics changes in 10.9 (OpenGL/OpenCL) may have some effect. And/or Logic X with All New Clean Codeâ„¢ will be out by then as well. :)
  5. Glenn Gutierrez

    Mastering Question....

    If you are going to limit yourself (see what I did there?) to Logic's built-ins, at least use Linear EQ instead of Channel EQ. And for some fun, if you have another mastered song that you want yours to sound similar to, fire up Match EQ and watch a YouTube tutorial or two about it. Either way...
  6. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.8 still unreponsive in OSX 10.8.4

    There was indeed a bug in the Logic 9.1.x + OS X 10.8 combo that did exactly this. I experienced it a few times myself, and it seemed to be related to spectrum analyzers in Channel EQ, Multi-Comp, etc. You can turn the Analyze function off in the EQ to avoid it most of the time. But despite...
  7. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.8 still unreponsive in OSX 10.8.4

    An early beta of the Mac Dropbox client caused massive slow-down in Logic's plug-ins pop-up selector. I don't know that it affected anything else. The Dropbox guys got it fixed quickly and mentioned Logic specifically in the release notes. So it's definitely possible for something completely...
  8. Glenn Gutierrez

    New Mac Pro

    The next Mac mini is what I'm dying to see right now. The new Mac Pro has set an extremely high ceiling, giving room for the mini to power up. And the new Intel Haswell chipset has some very interesting options, including a hex-Core i7 and three different levels of that Intel 5000 HD (Iris) GPU...
  9. Glenn Gutierrez

    Mac pro configuration

    I believe one of the best endorsements I've seen so far is the lack of horror stories with either the new Mac mini or that thin, gorgeous iMac. We saw plenty of meltdowns with older iMac models, going back to the G5. (Unless I'm just missing them now.) Just be aware the upgrade-ability: Only...
  10. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Problem with Battery 3.2.3 and Logic 9...

    I seem to recall something like that happened here a few months ago. But I just finished a major project with no problems at all. Make sure Battery and Logic are 100% up to date. I'm also still running in 32-bit mode, fwiw.
  11. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Can't burn CD

    That depends on the age of the player. My 2006 car deck plays CD-RW just fine, for example. And as one of my key mix-testing spots, thank goodness for that. The reverse it true, too. Even CD-R won't always play in some older players. You'll have to suss that out with your client. Sent from my...
  12. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 AU won't show up in Logic Pro

    Sylenth1 (one of my favorite synths as well) does work fine here in OS X 10.7.4 and Logic 9.1.7. My old "Sylenth1 License" email has private download links that may be different from the public version. Worth a try?
  13. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Logic 9.1.7 & 10.7.4

    Hi Judith, It's working fine here-I've run several long mastering sessions without the slightest hiccup. But I've seen some others having trouble. So there may be a plug-in or two that doesn't like 10.7.4 (or the combo) specifically. Might be worth researching that first.
  14. Glenn Gutierrez

    Replacing CD burner in new MacPro

    The drive in my 2008 Mac Pro (a Pioneer) is working fine. Who knows? They have to source these probably months before production. That said, I don't think I've ever had a slot-loading optical drive last more than a year in any iMac, Powerbook or MBP. Hate those things. I've never had a problem...
  15. Glenn Gutierrez

    Replacing CD burner in new MacPro

    If your Mac Pro is 2009 or later, then the optical bays use SATA, so you can start here. Or grab just about any SATA DVD-R drive from Newegg, Amazon, etc. I've always gone with Pioneer DVD burners, and they've worked perfectly on the...
  16. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 File not found Result code = -43

    If I remember correctly, error -43 means a folder is missing. Double check your bounce destination, and possibly your sources if you're using audio tracks, streaming samples, or anything like that.
  17. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Apple has bought Redmatica

    <- G :D Yes, Andrea is still moderator and a "company rep" until the 12th, just like the deadline in the email we all received. Then he promised to stick around with us normal folks. I'm not sure what's looming on the 12th, but it is interesting that WWDC begins the day before. I wonder if...
  18. Glenn Gutierrez

    Mac pro configuration

    George - Just curious, how are these heavily used iMacs doing over the long haul? No heat issues? And what's the current sweet spot HD arrangement with only one internal drive? FW800? I've tracked down a couple of Thunderbolt solutions, but they are costly next to the iMac (looking forward to TB...
  19. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Lion is a dud?

    Everything is solid here as well, running OS X 10.7.3, Logic Pro 9.1.6 and the latest MOTU universal FW/USB drivers (828mk3). This isn't even a stripped down music system. I have Mail and Safari running in the background, WoW is installed here, Photoshop and Illustrator get used occasionally...
  20. Glenn Gutierrez

    Logic Pro 9 Book: Using Logic Pro's Synthesizers

    Thanks, Orren! I just heard back from Amazon in the past few minutes. I'd almost prefer recycling the book to be sure, but it's on the way back. The last thing I'd want to do is buy it from a marketplace seller-their return procedures likely aren't as nice. So we'll wait until Amazon offers it...