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    exs24 replacement - recommendations

    about the multis you right in the ex24 everything needs to be done by "code" no nice UI so it's a little hard to find the right parameter for that.
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    exs24 replacement - recommendations

    what kontakt can do that the ex can't ??
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    Free music samples & loops

    I hope so, i can't guaranty they are all legal but most of them are if i will know of an illegal link i will delete it. a lot of the websites are the strongest music samples websites on the internet i hope they are all legal, how do i check if they are legal ? check this link...
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    exs24 replacement - recommendations

    see how much CPU it takes !!! it counts!!! and you can do much more things to a sound sample or a loop through the exs24, check all the parameters you have on the panel you can change the sound completely. check it out
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    Logic Pro 9 exs24 problems and questions

    actually, i am working around 10 years with logic and i always use 16 bit i think cd's output 16 bit and not 24, but i don't really know try posting your question in google see what comes up.
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Adjusting global track level after automation

    and automate the gain not the track volume
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Logic 5.5.1 help needed - glitching!!

    try configure the audio driver in the audio preferences window
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    Logic Pro 7 & earlier how to make bass from logic 5

    every sound can perform bass, just play it low and close the filter cutoff
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    Export All Tracks as Audio Files ?

    usually, i export the file dry with no effect and volume under 0.0, i advice you to take all your channels to - 3 it will be much better sound and you'll have plenty of space to compress it. USE LOGIC INSTRUMENTS you are probably using very heavy Vst's
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    Logic Pro 9 exs24 problems and questions

    Check the exs parameters Check the exs24 parameters maybe the distortion is on or filter or resonance, just play with the parameters, if not go to the instrument editor and check the parameters in the sample box maybe the volume their is too high about the second issue try to HOLD the...
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    exs24 replacement - recommendations

    NEVER DO THAT !!!! this is the best sampler in the world, what is your problem ??
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    Composing with loops - I just don't get it

    of find a loop that match your chords
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    Should I quantize my piano track?

    first of all you can leave it un-quantize however In logic you can "Humanize" the notes search in the matrix window to Humanaize open it and press it a few times it customize the length, velocity, and quantize, i think it is one of the best features in Logic.
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    Free music samples & loops

    what do you mean ?? in my website ??
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    Free music samples & loops

    Hi, i'm sick of looking for free drum loops and samples on the web, everything cost money, and those that not you can not go commercial with them. I'm developing, an index website for loops and music samples on the web. Come help us to improve our services so all web users can...