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    Logic Pro 9 Setting Midi Delay for Ext Instruments?

    Hello all, I feel like an idiot here, but it has been years since I have tried to incorporate an external midi instrument into my setup and something is not working for me. I want to compensate for the latency by setting a negative delay value, which is working wonderfully if I select a...
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    Logic Pro 9 LOGIC 9 IS OUT!!

    it says Intel only - any beta testers on here who might be able to comment if this is recommended or required? My G5 is still my main studio computer...
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    Logic Pro 8 16 bit files in a 24 bit world - Myth?

    I thought so -it sounded so crazy, but I've heard crazier :)
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    Logic Pro 8 16 bit files in a 24 bit world - Myth?

    Ok, I am about to expose my weakness of believing everything I hear - but I am curious enough to know if it's based in truth.... I once heard that if there were various audio files in a project of differing bit rates (some at 16, some at 24) that any plug-ins that had to process both types of...