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    Logic Pro X Logic 10.5 cpu spike????

    You can still bounce in place few tracks that are expensive in terms of CPU load, but if it is significantly slower than what you got in 10.4.8 please don't forget to log a bug, if you did not do that already (Use the "Logic ProX/Provide Logic Pro Feedback" integrated menu in Logic ).
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    Logic Pro X Missing ESX24 plugin in Logic Pro X

    Your presets should still work with the new "Sampler(Multi-Samples)" instrument though, works fine here, even though the interface is different. Check your presets after loading you should find your old exs-24 ones ;-) Hope that helps
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    Logic Pro X Logic Pro 10.5. released

    Just found another bug with external instruments: When using both the environment multi-instruments with their addtional respective audio external instrument track (so at least one pair of audio+midi track) so that you get the monitoring and also the real-time bouncing as well as program changes...
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    Logic Pro X Logic Pro 10.5. released

    I'm running Mojave 10.4.6 and now Logic 10.5, the screen upper shows an example of an extra transport window on the bottom added from nowhere. when i removed, unlocked and locked the screenset again it kept bugging like that, but not on all my screensets. It seems that the current code suffers...
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    Logic Pro X Logic Pro 10.5. released

    Logic 10.5 is more awesome than ever, yet I can confirm it is buggy at this time: I am going to log a new bug i just found that annoys me a lot on the screensets, I get intermittently transport windows / or summed windows from other screensets i transitioned to, popping up in my precise layout...
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    Logic Pro X Logic Pro X - v10.2 available now

    There is no other software that has been my companion for so long in my musical life, thank you Gerhard Lengeling and the Apple Team, clearly again a model of excellence in the DAW market, may apple follow the same track for their other products !
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    Logic Pro X A bit of Redmatica appears - but not in Logic Pro

    Just tested the AutoSampler and it is great for a first version, more intuitive and now we have a better workflow to import and test immediately into MainStage. Now, I still miss the possibility to create my own level maps as I could do from Redmatica AS (only 8 fixed presets to choose from...
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    Redmatica is Gone? So Now What?

    Right click on the application for which you want a manual, then select 'Show Package Content' then go to the 'Contents' folder then go to the 'Resources' folder, then search for a large pdf with keywords user / guide into the file name ... done :) But you can more easily access the user...
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    Compatibility with Mavericks

    Backups are so important ... I use and enjoy mountain lion + logic 9 and X, but just in case i have my full backup of 10.6.8 + logic 7 to 9 installed there ;-)
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    Logic Pro X @ Eli: key commands "French" keyboard

    Folks, at the risk of stating the obvious, you can always force some key commands to use a key position instead of a value in the key command (Alt-K). As an example if you wanted your A key to behave as the english Q key at the same location as the french A key, then all you need to do is to...
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    Logic Pro X Where is the Audio Energizer?

    I miss it too, because it was not introducing a delay because of lookahead like with some equivalent non-destructive plugins. That said, the route is probably now to use the compressor and limiters non destructive plugs you have: compressor and multipressor / limiter and adaptive limiter ...
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    Logic Pro X Is there a drum step sequencer in here somewhere?

    What I love with the hyper (now step) editor is that with a pencil and a step duration (configurable independantly for each drum midi note btw) you can draw cymbals crescendo or snare fills from hell within a second :) and also find useful to use the option alternate tool as an eraser...
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    Logic Pro X Can Anybody Move Objects in Environment

    Just did that , then from scratch quickly duplicated 12 multis until it gets out of the window (horizontal scrolling is needed) then i get the same bug ...
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    Logic Pro X Is LOGIC able to do that Basic Pro Task ?

    I found even nicer to use the good old event float window (Alt E) and set the value to whatever fits your needs, it is small enough to stay always in the top of my main window and it is always in my screenset 1 ;-)
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    Logic Pro X Can Anybody Move Objects in Environment

    I feel truly sad to read about that problems but at the same time, I have to share that the more it goes the less i use the environment, especially since I sampled my vintage keyboards with the redmatica software suite, and now that we even have arpeggiators and midi effects at the reach of...
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    Logic Pro X Getting Apple news on Logic X

    On google chrome, I just use the extension for RSS find from: then if I open a rss link it show the rss content like any other link ;)
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    Logic Pro X Problem trying to implement Drum Kit Designer in Logic Pro 9 files.

    Looks like it is a bug to me, try the usual disk permission repair and if it persists ; don't hesitate to report this here:
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    Logic Pro X How to import a WAV sample library into Logic 10?

    adding your files in any logic song is easy one way being simply use ctrl+click with your mouse inside the main window content (formerly arrange window) for the target track of your choice and you're done Now because you mention about rythmic content, you might want to convert these to apple...
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    Logic Pro X Summing Stack Patches

    Also, for you Eli: I noted after creating two different summing tracks that their corresponding .cst settings file contains the 'Aux Channel' char sequence so again here a command like: find . -name '*.cst' -exec grep -n 'Aux Channel' {} \; will find them all from a root folder of your choice...