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  1. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Dancing volume fader on midi track ... why?

    Just for trouble shooting, I would try temporarily adding some CC to the event list - just to make sure it is displaying as it should and not somehow filtering the display. If you are familira with the environent, cable that channel into a MIDI minitor and see if there is anything that...
  2. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X MIDI export/import schism

    Was there a delay applied?
  3. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Unwanted text in score

    And I just remembered something I think related and funny. We know it isn't just Apple I had an issue with my radio in my new car (Nissan Leaf). Out the comes the manual. and I look up radio in the index. Nothing there. In the nd I thumb through the whole thing and find it under Digital...
  4. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Unwanted text in score

    Yes, makes sense - but should not happen as it's less than intuitive.
  5. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Drum loop

    Still working in other projects? Nothing changed?
  6. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Unwanted text in score

    Assuming it's not titiles or page numbers, I have often been confounded by bits of text outside the actual, displayed region, yet showing due to the layout position as opposedf to the actual position. Might be worth uploading the project I'll have a look when I get a minute.
  7. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Midi not recording same quality in Logic Pro 4.5

    I'm a bit confused when you say "coming out of the keyboard". If you are using Logic you would not be hearing sounds coming out of your Mac /interface, not the keyboard. If the keyboard has onboard sounds, that's a different kettle of fish and you'd need to either get them into Logic via digital...
  8. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro 9 Suddenly losing Logic 9

    No I think Logic 9 is fine. Someone else better confirm that though.
  9. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro 9 Suddenly losing Logic 9

    Just had a thgought, do you have time machine or cloud backups you can restore from, iew go back to a time when it was working. Otherwise this may be a good time to upgrade to Logic X.
  10. Pete Thomas

    Sidechain Compression - Update 2020

    Updated for Logic Pro X
  11. Pete Thomas

    Sidechain Compression

    Pete Thomas updated Sidechain Compression with a new update entry: Update 2020 Read the rest of this update entry...
  12. Pete Thomas

    MIDI controller to wah wah [Deleted]

    This resource has been removed and is no longer available.
  13. Pete Thomas

    Environment MIDI pedal to wah wah 1.2

    This environment shows you how control the Logic Fuzz-Wah plugin with an external controller, e.g. keyboard modwheel or MIDI footpedal. The keyboard control is useful to use after the audio file is recorded, it need not be a guitar, this works very well on many other instruments and virtual...
  14. Pete Thomas

    MIDI pedal to wah wah

    Pete Thomas submitted a new resource: MIDI pedal to wah wah - Usea MIDI footpedal or controller to control the wah wah Read more about this resource...
  15. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Score editor problem

    Good workaround, but this does seem to bea bug the way you describe it. I haven't come across that but will do some testing
  16. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X How to print a score for a single track

    In your image that I'm looking at it says Filter at the top left. That's the filter I was talking about.
  17. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X How to print a score for a single track

    I don't have Logic here right now, but when in score window there at the very top left is a filter inspector wherw you can choose the instrument. For more control you can create score sets to show groups or individual instruments. Once you have created a score set it will also show in that...
  18. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Unwanted sustains

    I would usually use it before any editing no started
  19. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Unwanted sustains

    Can't help with that specific issue, but if ever I'm editing any piano performance which has those pesky sustains, I convert the sustain to actual MIDI first, it saves a lot of swearing.
  20. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro X Yep...another newbie

    That is odd, sounds like when you save the project it is not actually being saved. Logic should actually open the project in exactly the same state as when you saved it, ie the same screenset. playhead in exactly the same position. Nothing changed at all. I would see what happens when you...