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  1. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Default score size

    No but you could try saving it as a screenset as well as making the project a user template.
  2. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Default score size

    There is something wrong in that case. For me it always opens at the size I had set it to before saving. Also it always opens at the default size I had set my template to.
  3. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Default score size

    Do you mean you are saving the file with the score made smaller, but when you reopen it is bigger again? It should always reopen at the same dimensions as you saved it. If you mean when opening a totally new project then I'm not sure that can be made a default. However most people make their...
  4. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Summing Output Issue

    I don’t understand. You want one buss that processes everything. That is fine for a stereo mix. But in that case you must have only one output buss. If there are three then you need three sets of effects on the inserts of each buss. Or maybe I am still not understanding
  5. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Summing Output Issue

    I’m not sure I understand. You can either route your track outputs to several different output buses or to one main stereo output. If you want to process together as one buss, then use the stereo output instead of 1/2 3/4 etc If instead you want separate outputs going to an external mixer...
  6. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) What about key changes?

    Yes I think you may be right. Somebody may hopefully correct me but I’m not sure if the technology we have can convincingly change the pitch of something as complex as a rhythm guitar to cope with large key changes.
  7. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro Fast Forward

    Oh my 4 bar groups is so 2019. We are now on 5.6 bar groups :)
  8. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Feedback when playing back

    Yes, and by "turned on" that would mean a track is armed or has input monitoring on
  9. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) What about key changes?

    That's correct a key signature is part of a clef and so affects the score. There is a transpose available in the marker lane. Right click above the track list to configure the marker lane and enable transposition. This shows you a line which you can click on and globally transposes MIDI and...
  10. Pete Thomas

    New: Logic Users Group Web App

    The latest version of xenForo software can be installed as an app on your phone (with push notifications). This has been possible for a while on Android but since iOS 16.4.1 is now possible on iPhone as well. In order to install on iPhone I believe the steps are: Open the LUG site in Safari...
  11. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro Please remind re Loops?

    I don't know I can still just click on a loop and it plays at the current project tempo. It woulds be great if it actually played in time with the bars & beats , ie the loop started at beat 1 of a bar though.
  12. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Why is this audio at the wrong pitch?

    Assuming these were recorded and not added from anothere project with a different sample rate (can happen but I think Logic should automatically convert but Im not entirely sure) then what happens if you turn flex pitch off totally Not just from the region but also the track: Which version...
  13. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Exporting A Portion of a Project to MP3 - How-To?

    If you select a cycle start and end, that is the portion of the project that will be bounced.
  14. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) How do I convert a logic File to MP4?

    Alternatively use the Mac screen/selection recorder to make an actual screenshot movie of your project in action. If Facebook only accepts mp4 you'd need to convert it. Again VLC should do that I think.
  15. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Removing audio files from project - but leaving all other settings? How-to?

    Yes that certainly makes no sense. The user template system is common on many Mac applications such as pages, numbers keynote etc. But oddly I don't think it's there in FCPX. Although I have been using the user template stream in Logic ever since it was called Notator and the default template...
  16. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Removing audio files from project - but leaving all other settings? How-to?

    I presumed that's exactly what BradMac was intending to do. However this appears wrong: So they must have deleted the tracks instead of the audio files. The tracks and Chanel strips etc. should not be deleted, only the audio files and regions from project usia should be deleted.
  17. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Removing audio files from project - but leaving all other settings? How-to?

    Like Mark I tend to use folders. Packages is relatively recent and I think is meant to be simpler and less prone to user errors mislaying audio etc. ie more idiot proof (so I really should be using them:)) A package is actually a folder I think, but appears to just be a file, however if you CTL...
  18. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Removing audio files from project - but leaving all other settings? How-to?

    That could be because you are saving as a "package" and anything already in the package is saved into the project. The second bit you highlighted may just be to do with files referenced outside the package.
  19. Pete Thomas

    Logic Pro (X) Removing audio files from project - but leaving all other settings? How-to?

    Open the project audio window. Select the audio files you want to delete then from menu choose delete file. (or use the key command). Just hitting backspace removes them from the list but does not actually delete - as you have discovered. Note that you must select the actual audio, not just...