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  1. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) "Low" disabled in Logic's Pitch Correction

    I've used LP's Pitch Correction to make quick demos listenable while I'm songwriting, and I've always selected "Low" range because I sing lower and I feel like it works better. I'm not sure which version changed it, but I'm on LP 10.7.9 and now the "Low" option is disabled - a popup dialog comes...
  2. sonnykeyes

    Logic Studio apps Library Management for LPX and MainStage

    You might be onto something there! I think the only sampled instrument I use live is the Steinway Grand, so if I could keep a duplicate of that on my laptop drive I might not ever need MainStage to look for the sound library at all! Going to investigate now, thanks!
  3. sonnykeyes

    Logic Studio apps Library Management for LPX and MainStage

    Haha bit of a stretch to say you’re ‘not an expert’ since 99% of the time you have the right Logic Pro answer, but ok! I guess the solution for me is to keep submitting the same feature request to Apple, since it certainly seems plausible that a piece of software can be given a switch to select...
  4. sonnykeyes

    Logic Studio apps Library Management for LPX and MainStage

    I posted this in the Logic Pro forum, but maybe this is more appropriate... I use Logic Pro on my Macbook Pro for recording at home, and I keep the full library on an external drive to save boot drive space. A few times a year I'll take my laptop out and use it to play a gig using MainStage...
  5. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Sound Library management

    Sorry I didn’t make that clear! I use one laptop for everything, and it seems unnecessarily awkward to switch back and forth the way Logic is designed. Also, to clarify, Mainstage uses the same Library of sounds and softsynths as Logic, but your post is a reminder that maybe I should post this...
  6. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Sound Library management

    I use Logic Pro for recording at home, and I keep the full library on an external drive to save boot drive space. A few times a year I'll take my laptop out and use it to play a gig using Mainstage, which requires relocating the sound library back to the boot drive. Has anyone found a way to...
  7. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro System Overload on previously happy projects.

    I always get this on projects when Logic has been idle long enough for my external drives to spin down to sleep. With most of my sound Library on an external, it’s no surprise, and as you say, once the overload has been dismissed it plays fine.
  8. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Can't export mp3 with Alchemy Frozen

    I think I had this happen once and it turned out I didn't have enough disk space left on my main drive to create a new file to. That may not be it, but that's what happened to me, and it took me a while to figure it out.
  9. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Strange behaviour with Flex pitch

    Are you only doing two part harmony, or did you make a third part as well and accidentally used the same track again? (I've done this) When you alter the pitch on one of the Flexed tracks it moves the other one. The solution would be to create a new copy of the file and give it its own track to...
  10. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Make Logic recognize external library

    Thank you so much, that did it!
  11. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Make Logic recognize external library

    Boot disk was getting full, so I moved my full Logic library to an external drive a couple of years ago. Recently, that drive started to get flaky, so before it died, I managed to copy everything on it to a new drive, which I'm using instead. Trouble is, Logic will not recognize this drive as...
  12. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Can NOT get panning to work!

    I think I once had an issue like this, and it turned out the channels I was sending to on the Scarlett Mix Control app were panned to the center. Maybe you have a different issue, but that's what happened to me. *EDIT* I just saw your reply to Christian, and if Logic's meters aren't showing the...
  13. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Settings for asides or voice over

    It's kind of a radio-play tradition to indicate 'thinking' by putting loads of reverb on the voice, to the point where I think most listeners recognize that the line is meant to be the character's thoughts when it's very wet. Not sure if it will play the same way for an aside, I have always...
  14. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Mainstage ate my Damper pedal

    THANK YOU so much! There was indeed an assignment there for CC64 - no idea how it came to be. Deleting it solved the problem. I guess I should learn more about Smart Controls, but I haven't really had the need.
  15. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Mainstage ate my Damper pedal

    That's a great theory, but when I go to the Smart Controls page it looks like nothing is assigned to anything, although that window looks like it's track-specific. I can't find any other window to see if there's a secret assignment somewhere else - is there another Smart Control overview somewhere?
  16. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Mainstage ate my Damper pedal

    Here's a puzzle for all you tech wizards: I did my first gig with Mainstage, after practising at home with no issues switching back and forth with Logic Pro. When I got home from the gig (I used a supplied keyboard at the gig) and hooked everything back up, the incoming damper pedal CC64 info is...
  17. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Unknown plugins validating every time

    Found out that this is because Waves Central installs new Waveshell but doesn't uninstall the old one. Fix is to remove the old Waveshell plugin with the lower number.
  18. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Any help for clicks and pops new since 10.7?

    Been using Logic since it was Notator, and I've only had this problem since updating to Big Sur/10.7: Even relatively simple arrangements grind to a halt a few bars in with a 'Disk Too Slow' dialogue (my projects are on my boot disk, which is SSD) although they will play the second time (maybe...
  19. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Volume for region is loud and I don't know why.

    One other thing to check for is duplicate notes - I have sometimes had regions where, for one reason or another, I have a double set of the same notes occupying the same bars, and they play a lot louder! In the Event List there is a menu item under Edit>Delete MIDI Events where you can delete...
  20. sonnykeyes

    Logic Pro (X) Freshly recorded audio regions locked

    I love that the answer is more like a biological analysis than a simple tech problem! I mean, I think I'd like it better if it turned out I just had to unclick some arcane preference somewhere, but your explanation matches my experience, and even gives me a strategy! That would solve the...