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    Logic Pro (X) Missing EXS Samples

    Could this be a third party or custom-made instrument? Perhaps located on external drive that isn't currently connected? That instrument is not in the Logic 9 or newer factory library. Do you have a backup of your sample instruments? You can search for sounds within Logic's Library.
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    Logic Pro (X) Copy automation within one Track???

    Good to hear that that was the solution. The devil is always in the details.;)
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    Logic Pro (X) Logic Pro X creating MIDI regions with no input from me.

    What a maddening mess! No clue why this is happening but I do have two thoughts... 1. Instead of just adding a MIDI region at the start of each track, take the extra step of joining the regions together as one via the letter 'J' (Join per track which is in the Bounce and Join contextual menu)...
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    Logic Pro (X) Copy automation within one Track???

    Hello, Is this what you're looking for? Command-click and hold the automation parameter window to select a different parameter for the same effect on the same track. Click Copy and Convert to see the new parameter with the source automation profile. The source parameter appears to vanish but...
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    Logic Pro (X) Can you edit expression data in the piano roll for multiple tracks at the same time?

    Controller data can only be pasted one track at a time.
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    Logic Pro (X) Can you edit expression data in the piano roll for multiple tracks at the same time?

    Hello, As you probably already know, you can use the automation select tool to make specific adjustments per track in the piano roll. On the other hand you can simultaneously scale (raise/lower) expression data for muliple tracks in the track header using the trim box.
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    Logic Pro (X) Punch-ins butchered when Flex Time'd

    It's really good to hear that the recommendation proved useful for your advanced production process. Your initial description of the issue was clearly written and understandable. The key detail for me was that the flexed tempo changes were working before punch-ins entered the picture. Once I...
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    Logic Pro (X) Punch-ins butchered when Flex Time'd

    What I described above was the result of selecting a specific region with a punch in and then right-clicking to select Bounce and Join>Bounce in Place. Selected track is an option here. File menu>Bounce>Regions in Place is designed for one track at a time, or merging several tracks into one...
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    Logic Pro (X) Punch-ins butchered when Flex Time'd

    Just a thought and a simple one at... As a test, complete a Save AS of your project in a state where it performs as expected, at 140bpm? Next, in this saved as version, select regions per track that have a punch in and use Bounce in Place with the Destination>Selected Track option check on. Once...
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    Logic Studio apps Library Management for LPX and MainStage

    After autosampling the Vintage B3 (just two notes for testing), I loaded Sampler in Mainstage and loaded the new instrument. Autosampled is a separate category from the Factory and GarageBand libraries. I would be very cool if you can load your autosampled instruments in the absence of the main...
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    Logic Studio apps Library Management for LPX and MainStage

    What about autosampling in Mainstage the instruments you need for a gig? Autosampler places instruments and samples folders inside the Audio Music Apps folder. The question is whether or not Mainstage would be able to access these 'user' instruments if the main sound library is not available.
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    Logic Studio apps Library Management for LPX and MainStage

    Hello, Not an expert on this but the support document linked below, indicates If you've installed Logic Pro and MainStage on the same Mac, both apps share the same Sound Library. When you move the Sound Library, it moves the Sound Library for both apps.
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    Logic Pro (X) Why does the second track look different?

    Based on track and region names and the waveforms within the regions, it looks like an audio track except for the vertical flex pitch bars. When the vertical height of an audio track is increased to a point, the flex pitch MIDI-like rows appear as expected. The vertical flex pitch bars on the...
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    Logic Pro (X) External device MIDI sustain

    Thank you for posting the screen grab. Very helpful. It looks like you have looped the region at bar 21 and again at bar 45. Looped regions don't show the automation. You should still hear the sustain in the looped regions even though you don't see the sustain automation line. If yes, then my...
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    Logic Pro Double Tempo Map values?

    Hello, Do you want to keep the same tempos while doubling the length the score? Duplicate your current tempo set as a safety. Name it double length or similar. From the Options tab, select Tempo Operations In the Tempo Operations window, set the New End Position to be double the current length...
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    Logic Pro (X) External device MIDI sustain

    Hello, It would be helpful if you could post a screen grab of the piano roll with the automation lane below it showing. Look at File menu>Project Settings>MIDI>Chase tab. Are Control Changes 64-71 checked on?
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    Logic Pro (X) Octave of sequenced tune … mystery

    Put the score editor in focus (blue outine) and then change the staff style in the region inspector. That should fix the situation. Post back if not.
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    Logic Pro (X) G3 - LPX Advanced Vol 1 tutorial

    Not sure what version of LPX used in the Adv Vol 1 tutorials, but the function as shown isn't working in LPX 10.7.x. A workaround is to use a floating event list, Window menu>Open Event List or ⌘7. Not as streamlined but the window can be moved around where needed.
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    Creating midi Fretless Bass note slides

    Hello, What software fretless bass are you referring to? The glide and legato functions are available in Sampler aka EXS24. Pitch bend can be set up on a single note basis in the Piano Roll MIDI automation area.
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    Logic Pro (X) change separate tracks into comp track

    Hello, Take a look at the local Function menu, Folder>Pack Take Folder. That should take care the situation you describe.