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  1. Gio

    Post here to indicate active interest in the LUG

    Ciao!. Hope everybody is doing great! Bump.
  2. Gio

    Intention: Buy a good working 2012-2014 MacBook Pro, install Snow Leopard [or Lion] and my Logic9 and get back to producing. Advice is welcome

    +1 with Mark. Snow Leopard stayed on my machines for a looong time. Solid, no fluff, and most DAWS and Video/Graphic NLE's ran great. All the shortcuts are pretty much the same from Win to Mac, just flipped Command vs Ctrl, for the most part. Good luck and welcome back, post your tracks on the LUG.
  3. Gio

    Difference in LUFS between Logic and Audacity?

    Yes, that radio button has taught me a lesson before.
  4. Gio

    alternative to awful Apple Music for music library?

    +1 with fuzzfilth. Dropbox, GDrive, iCloud will work great. SoundCloud is another option so people can listen too. I use Flacbox app (iOS) on my phone so I can check all my tracks anywhere. I can create folders(playlists) and navigate through them. Only thing is it’s not cloud based. The files...
  5. Gio

    Logic Pro (X) Is anyone using iCloud to work with and archive projects?

    I do use my iCloud for sessions that I'm working on. I keep a copy on my external drive and a backup copy on iCloud, That way if I end up at a friend's studio or other any other studio and we want to work on something, I can log in, bring down the latest version of the project and keep going...
  6. Gio

    How do artists support themselves??

    I use my studio as a commercial (advertising) Audio Post Studio. I record Voice Overs, Mix spots and corporate audio/video materials, sound design, some audio restoration, more mixing for other musicians, and anything else that requires audio production/post production. I've even done a few...
  7. Gio

    Logic Pro (X) Editing Live Multi Tracked Drums in Logic Pro with Eli Krantzberg

    Love the idea of putting all the drum tracks into a Stack/Folder. Cant figure why I never used it this way, I do it for Keys and Bass Synths. Never dawned on me to do it to the drums to clean up the real estate. Thanks Eli! And Mark for posting this.
  8. Gio

    Multiple Video Files (or tracks) Please

    Please please, Pain in the a$$ to score for 7 commercials and open close sessions more than actually playing. Usually when its multiple spots that are nor related, then its no big deal, but recently production seems to make multiple spots from one production, Full Length, 60sec, 30 sec, 15sec...
  9. Gio

    Logic Pro (X) What's the use of plugin manager

    Totally on board with logouts. Just one time I had a bit of a tussle with a sonnox (at the time Sony-Oxford) plug-in that the only cure was a hard start. From time to time, on large projects coming through, I do a hard shut down and formal reboot to flagellate any attitudes out of the rig and...
  10. Gio

    Craving Hands "Baker Street "Cover

    Very tasty! fun!
  11. Gio

    Haven’t heard new postings for a while, so here goes one of my ditty’s

    Enjoy. Keep producing. Your art is needed globally.
  12. Gio

    Logic Pro (X) Export Audio to Movie

    Also check if you have an offset in the prefs under synchro and/or video start @ “clock position”.
  13. Gio

    Logic Pro (X) Can't hear previous take during recording pre-roll

    Check that you have Input Monitoring off. (the green I) this way the previously recorded line will play and you just drop in. I do this as I'm build riffs throughout a phrase. Hope this helps. Good luck.
  14. Gio

    Clip Gain please (a la Pro Tools).

    All good here Mark. Couldn't make it back to Italy this passed year but hoping this year will be better. Meanwhile we keep the studios rocking. Indeed very strange times. Stay healthy brother.
  15. Gio

    Clip Gain please (a la Pro Tools).

    You're always great help Mark, I hope all is good with you.
  16. Gio

    LUFS meter

    there is a loudness meter plug in. Check it out.
  17. Gio

    Clip Gain please (a la Pro Tools).

    Is it possible to ask for some audio clip gain controls without having to go inside the file editor and doing destructive gain changes there. Thank you.
  18. Gio

    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Need Help converting an Old Logic 4 session

    Hi Mark, are you still up on these forums? Was looking to convert another Logic 4ish song into something usable. Let me know if you still have that capability. Ciao
  19. Gio

    Logic Pro (X) Groove Track Headers not showing

    Hi Family, I can't seem to get the Groove Track checkboxes to show on the track headers. I've confirmed that it is showing on the Track Header Components pop up (ctrl/click>Track Header Components) and I also have it selected on the "Configure Track Header" pop up.... very strange. I've zoomed...
  20. Gio

    Logic Pro 7 & earlier Need Help converting an Old Logic 4 session

    Hi there boys and girls. I was dusting off some old drives and found a (one) sequence that I had not updated to a Logic 7.x or later, and I don't have a way to open it anymore. Does anybody out there have an old version of Logic that would open a Logic 4 version and convert it into a Logic 7...