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    Macbook Pro overheating while using Logic

    I've been experiencing a problem with my 15" i7 Macbook Pro and Logic Pro. Often, while I'm working on large sessions in Logic Pro, the fan will just start getting really loud. Sometimes, after I've been working for a while, it doesn't ever slow down and I have to quit Logic and give my...
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    Logic Pro 9 Key command for track type?

    Is there a key command to select the track type (Audio, Instrument, etc.) and format (Mono, stereo, etc.) from the New Track dialog? I've gotten used to doing that in Pro Tools and now it's annoying me that I can't do it in Logic!
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    Logic Pro 9 Using Logic 8 Key Commands in Logic 9

    Does anyone know if there is a way to import the Logic 8 Key Commands into Logic 9? I had to delete my preferences recently to do some debugging, and now all the key commands I've grown familiar with are not there, and it's damn annoying to search for all of their functions. Is there any...
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    Logic Pro 9 Merge/Bounce In Place at 24-bit?

    I have found that even if I have my export and bounce dialog boxes set to 24-bit AIFF, if I use "merge" or "bounce in place" an audio file gets merged or bounced at 16-bit. The only way to actually "merge" or "bounce in place" a file at 24-bit is to use Export or Bounce. Does anyone know...
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    Logic Pro 9 How do I set the default velocity level for MIDI notes?

    When I create a new MIDI region in a new session, it does not default to the max velocity value. Is there any preference where I can set this? Steps: 1. Create new session 2. Create new instrument track 3. Create new MIDI region on inst. track 4. Draw a note using pencil tool...