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    Logic Pro 9 How 2... Convert piece of entire mix to a loop

    Hi Guys, Sorry if this is a neewbie question... I want to take bars 24 to 25, the entire mix (all regions) and convert that to a ESX24 sample to be played/triggered elsewhere. I've read the Converting Regions to a New Sampler Track section of the help, but am stuck. I've set my markers...
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    Legacy ULN2 and Mio

    Hi Allan, I used to have a ULN2 2d. I now have a ULN2 (non2d) I'm a bit perplexed with the routing table in the MIO 5 for a non 2d box - so... Should I not be using 5? It seems I can open the mixer window but it does not do anything. How about the monitor control? Should I remove...
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    New ULN2 user - quickie

    Hi Guys, Just got delivery of a ULN2 2D Expanded and have a quick question whilst I drown myself in tutorial videos and guides... I've connected the unit via firewire to my Mac, installed the MIO, drivers, plugs, and connected the monitor outs to my power amp, and I get sound! Here's...