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    Logic Pro X Logic Pro X Keyboard out today.

    Hey Thanks so much to everyone from this forum, who helped out with our Logic Pro X Beta Testing. The testing went really well and helped us make the ultimate Logic Pro X keyboard. (we even have a new design type never used before!) The keyboard is available today here...
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    Logic Pro X Logic Pro X keyboard cover and extended keyboards???

    Hey You can now get the Logic Pro X Dedicated keyboard here at Editors Keys: Many of the users here actually helped with our Beta testing of the product! Love to know what you think of it!
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    Logic Pro X Logic Pro X Keyboard Beta Testers Required

    Hey Guys We're the company behind the colour coded shortcut editing keyboards for Logic Pro 9 and the official Apple keyboard versions. We're about to launch our new compatible keyboard for Logic Pro X, however before we do we require 5 Beta testers who can check all shortcuts for us. For...